Virgin Sex....Part Duex  

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5/24/2005 10:20 am

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Virgin Sex....Part Duex

Ok...I'm not French...but I've been told that some of my ancestors were French-Canadian. So I guess I can use the word Duex, si?

Ok...where did I leave off....ahh yes...getting laid for the first time...

Hey...great background music (Howard Jones "No One is to Blame")

Anyway, I was doing my darndest to loose that little thing called virginity. After sooo many attempts, I felt that I should just be given the honor without actually doing the deed. But I was a horny teenage male. The deed HAD to be done! There was no doubt about it.

Well, the day of her birthday finally arrived. I took her out to dinner and spent some time together. We talked of our frustration at our lack of sex. It was one of the few times where I would be able to talk openly about sex with a girlfriend. (It wouldn't happen again until I was married.)

We drove all over town, just enjoying each other's company. We were both too young to drink, so we just listened to the radio and just sorta "hung out".

Eventually, it started getting late and we headed back to my house. We got the use of the family room (my dad shooed my siblings away so that I could spend some time alone with her).

My father didn't leave the house, and it wasn't a cue for us to get busy, nothing like that. He just knew the value of some privacy between a couple. Besides, my step-mother was still lurking somewhere within the house. I wasn't about to try something with her around.

Around 11pm, my parents told us good-night and went off to bed. I was told to have my girlfriend home at a decent hour (her grandmother had expressed the same sentiment).

Well, sitting there in the family room, we both fell asleep. I woke up around midnight and woke up my girlfriend. I told her that I had to get her home, and she just mumbled something about staying the night.

Suddenly, I was rock-hard and my brain ceased to function. My room was in the basement. Our basement was partitioned off, with my step-brother having a room, and myself the other. The rest was dedicated to the laundry room and my dad's office.

So I jumped at her offer. I slowly guided her down the stairs to my lair...err...bedroom. We started kissing, but she was just a bit too tired she told me, so I just undressed her. It wasn't anything quick, but it wasn't anything slow and sexy either.

We crawled into my bed (I had a super single waterbed at the time - ahh...the memories...) As we lay there just cuddling I reached up to the headboard and turned on my radio. I won't forget the song that played when she spoke those 8 wonderful words that I have NEVER been told since.

The song was Bon Jovi's "I'll be there for you"

Her statement still sends shivers down my spine.

She said, "I want you to make love to me."

I nearly lost it right then and there.

So I began kissing and fondling her. I slowly moved myself up and over, so that we were in the classic missionary position. She raised her legs slightly and bent her knees, and I reached down and felt how wet she was. I was truly amazed! I had never felt her that wet....ever! I nearly lost it at this point too.

The excitement was killing me. I was hovering over her and I slowly eased myself down towards her love nest. This was it...I was actually gonna do it. I was soooo ready. I was having a hard time keeping control, but dammit, I wasn't gonna blow a load before I got to experience the cream of all sexual pleasures. (**Note: I've never had a problem with premature ejaculation, but on this night, I nearly did.)

Now...I know what some of you must be thinking...the suspense is building. I'm in my bed, naked, with my girlfriend, who I should have taken home some time ago. My step-brother is in the next room, my parents upstairs, and my radio playing. A perfect recipe for getting caught, yes?

Ok...time to take a break. Gotta go and cool off... anyone have a magazine I could borrow real quick like?

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