Network Changes....  

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10/4/2005 8:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Network Changes....

As you can see, I am up to 11,000 views. THANK YOU. NOW, IF I can get them to approve the 5th photo and I can get ya'll to vote..heheh.

We are now going to allow NON-PLAYERS into our network, we will use the labeling system provided, so everyone can tell the playmates from the general members. I will go back over all denied in a few minutes and allow those that we like. Sorry, but it's what we decided to do. If we don't like your profile, we still won't add you.. just like everyone else.

We wish they would find someone else to be in charge of our account, every photo we have tried to add has been denied. The most recent, showed me with a cock in each hand fixing to suck on one of them. You can't even see my face, much less anyone elses...ARGGGGGGGG... The one they denied Saturday.. was of FLy and I, he was laying on me, and we were kissing, I had put the black boxes over our eyes, and it was a close up... stupid people.. we have also tried to change to a couple, but htey keep telling me I will lose me views and have to start over... do ya'll think I should go elsewhere or open another account here as a couple? We would have to use this account to reply to everyone until we had enough views... NOT sure it's worth the trouble. We are thinking of looking elsewhere for our weekly playmates. What do you think??? I put the pic they denied... should it have been denied? The other pic is the one showing on PLAYING TODAY blog....

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