skychicken692 49M
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7/19/2006 4:15 pm

Your wearing thigh highs, skirt and heels when I greet you at the door. I pull you inside, close the door and drop to my knees hike up your skirt and spread your legs. From there I run my tounge over your clit, biting it and stroking it. you brace yourself aginst the door while I work your clit to orgasm. I stand up and and grab you and drag you back to the bedroom. as I slowly undress you I kiss and caress all your newly exposed body parts. when I get you skirt off I playfuly but firmly swat your ass. I push you to the bed still making sure to keep you aroused. I tie you to the bed spread eagle. admiring your body. I kiss you than work my way to your breast sucking them in than tracing the pink of your nipples biting them erect. when I have your nipples so Hard they stick out. I attach your clamps to them the butterfly clamps with the chain. I tug on the chain suck your nipples than I run my tounge over your body not focusing on any one spot. biting your thighs, scraping my teeth across the exposed part of your nipples. than I go down on you again. first I tease you by running my tounge across your inner thighs than I nibble or your pussy's lips. following that up with several diffrent strokes across your pussy. when I am don there I untie you and get you on all fours and I slide right in becasue you pussy is soo wet. swatting your ass from time to time my balls thudding aginst you and the rythmic thud of my working you to orgasm. when we tire from that we spoon me kissing your neck stroking what ever I can reach tugging on the chain attached to your nippples. me poking the tip of my cock inside of you for a nice slow steady fuck. in the morning your sleeping on your side I lift your top leg up to your chest and fuck you sideways a great way to wake up and say good bye till next time. you were sexy as always can't wait till our bodies meet again. while we are having our last send off I tell you about this nasty though I have of you and two vibrators. where I work your pussy first get it good and hot than work your ass than build up to where I am working both your pussy and ass at the same time one goes in the other goes out like the pistons of a car.

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