Lazy days  

skychicken692 49M
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9/9/2006 10:42 am
Lazy days

wow Things are going real well here in bob town. Me and my guess i sould say girlfriend. we've been getting lucky and acting like high school kids. found out friday that sept 20 I will find out that yes I am a member of database that I have survived. I got my driver's lisence renewed friday. hmm as for ropes and such My view is that they are not there for pain but to restrict. oddly enough that gives a lot of people the freedom to give into everything. I just know that being the perosn to give pleasure is a huge turn on. being the boss. not a greater feeling in the world than looking into someones eyes knowing that you are the source of their pleasure. can't believe that the day is almost over. usually have all my cleaning done by now the only thing I got to clean was her box so Now I am going to scramble around and tidy up the place and stuff. Might now be around much than again things could go back to par for the course for me any day she is like that very independant person. but I like that about her have tried to speak to her about that. I know it is foolish to say don't change becasue that is going to happen to both of us but. I don't want her to do anything that is not in her nature. because she is a free spirit. only time will tell what happens. till than I am just going to enjoy what I have now and hope for the best. I hope a restles spirit and a grounded soul can live peacefully. guess that is all

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