Bloody kisses  

skychicken692 49M
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7/4/2006 5:17 pm
Bloody kisses

I never really did post here becasue I have another blog you know the big one well it's MY spot to rant. did want to talk though. it is funny because what I want is someone too hang out with than get busy than we go about our lives. 200something has really come down to that we have made love romance so complicated that it is easier to fuck than go home than it is to relate to each other. by this age everybody has been messed with so badly that do not trust or care. We have been feed this myth about how it should be. maybe dogs cats and all the other animals have it right sniff em if it smells right fuckem than go. just looking for the simple. till than looking for that person I can hang out with get naked and than go about life. than repeat. that is my rant for the moment. now to find my friends with benefits. that would be nice.

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