My Decision  

skittles4u2me 54M
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9/8/2006 8:05 am
My Decision

Well I have finally decided to end my marriage. 16 years and I have had enough. I've been talking to the lawyers and found out it is going to cost me a small fortune in cash, houses, and retirement, but that's ok, I can recover in a few years. Two things drove me to this decision, first my oldest daughter finally realized that my wife and I are not happy, and second, my Mom in California is not doing very well. I stand to inherit a significant amount. And I found out that in my state, if I'm married, my wife is entitled to half of my inheritance. I had a friend that inherited 3 million dollars and the very day after he got it, his wife filed for divorce. So time to end the marriage, may seem cold hearted but we don't have a marriage anyway, just live together like brother and sister.

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