Thoughs and dreams  

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4/13/2006 2:06 am

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Thoughs and dreams

I was reading an interesting blog today posted by LoveinMotion. She had an interesting perspectives and writing, with lots of poetic imagery. A lusty lady without being vulgar, her posting was sexy and erotic. As I wrote to her, I have read erotica for women and by women, it is different from how most men enjoy it. Perhaps it is because men are visual creatures. The visualization of the pussycat, is too true. I have seen woman on the prowl, their tails twitching the look in their eyes, the walk and hunger. Always the hunger sometimes raw and animalistic, sometimes watchful...but always there. Do you hunger? I have fantasized about making love in a dressing room of a Victoria’s Secret or other type lingerie store. The clothing just brings the erotic to the surface.
I find myself turned on by the curve of a breast, the line of woman’s neck from behind when her hair is up the sway of her hips as she walks, the bounce of her breasts.
I have found that every woman can be sexy in her own way, some overtly, they seem ooze sensuality, and draw men like moths to a flame. Some women are quiet and shy, but as the say goes still waters run deep.
I have known many women in my life some were wonderful lovers others not so wonderful, some were giving and some were selfish there are those that until this writing I had forgotten and others...those still walk the halls of my mind dancing in my imagination and memories.
Fantasies that have come alive, some remain unfilled, some will remain in my imagination because sometimes the reality falls short of the dream.

skindiver4605 59M  
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6/10/2006 5:17 pm

YOu are so right how it is done the path, thejourney is the important part. The destination does not have to be your orgasm, I have has sexual experiances that were totally focused on my partner, and never achieved climax, just enjoyed thier pleasure.

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