one day in autumn  

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6/22/2006 6:26 am

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one day in autumn

She is walking slowly in the forest, in this afternoon. It is a sunny day but a bit chilly in the middle of November.

Looks up on the red leaves ahead of her, a bit too bright for her eyes the sunshine is. So she closes her eyes a bit, moves her glance to something far from where she stands.

She feels as if she had the same moment in the past somewhat, or was it in some movie? No one could tell.
But she feels a bit being hurt, like something small she has lost for a long time in mind. No, she has never got it in her hands, but anyway she lost it a while ago...she is still fond of the days also the pain.

"Your eyes dont see anything..."

She says to herself in a low voice, as no one else even notices.
Without realizing, she looks at her watch but not the time. How long has it passed after that...she wonders, not really sure anymore.
A gust of wind caresses her hair all of a sudden, as she sees someone standing by the lake.
No, that she wishes not to be alone. So she walks to the bench by the water, sits down there quietly.

She has got so many things she could be happy with, but unfortunately all are gone to the illusion. But for some reason she knew they would just go. Not the point it is to her, for sure she was happy when they were given to her and that was enough for her.

As another wind a bit plays with her hair again, she appreciates she has been here before. Just not sure when.
Her mind has been always in this forest, and felt as if his mind was with hers...although it is her first time to be here.

She is waiting for the sound of footsteps behind her, slow and quiet ones.
And only the falling leaves know that, one of them finally shows up in her world silently.
She loves it, smiles at the little red on her lap.
She looks up again and sees the leaves nodding at her on the tree, as if they say "You did it right."
It makes her smile again, but she notices she cant see around clearly since tears run down her cheeks.

She stands up anyway, like she made her mind up finally. And leaves the red one on the bench, making the footstep sound which she has wanted to hear a bit ago, by herself.

And the last wind takes the left little leaf away after that, no one knows anymore that the red thing was the one she loved most, in this sunny day in autumn.

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