Dont say a word  

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6/6/2006 8:00 pm

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Dont say a word

Anything could make me smile, but nothing heals me.
I still love everything you left me,
also hate everything I still feel you from.
Tell me, how to keep them,
since I know they will be gone for sure.
Tell me, how to get rid of them,
since I know they will show up again eventually, here and there.

You gave me all in real, and I could never get anything in my hands.
Do you see they are falling off, through my fingers?
What color are they, green? pink? gold? silver?
I hear them screaming with no sound, as their fatal whisper.
Just like what I heard when I killed you, looking at my bloody palms.
And everything I could see is all in crimson.

Silence, is the sweetest gift.
Who is this, in the mirror?
Better to be left unsaid.
Because you can never tell what is false what is true.

I'm so tired, I have been so tired.
Since I was running while I was in my nitemare, with red dancing shoes.
You cant take them off, even if you broke your legs.
Of course I am not going to, thats my strict rule.

Now let me shut up, let me close my eyes,
and let me take the last breath in peace.

And then...there are none.

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