Charlie, The One-eyed Wonder Worm  

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6/28/2006 11:32 pm

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Charlie, The One-eyed Wonder Worm

Hi there, I'm called Charlie, and I'm a one-eyed wonder-worm. I make a wonderful pet and I have a lot of fun and so does my owner. My owner has two primary uses for me. He empties out a rancid yellow liquid through me, and out my eye most of the time, but he also shoots some delicately salty white cream out of my eye as well. I like the latter better than the former.

Occasionally he will stroke me, until I get stiff, very sensitive, and then send some of that white stuff shooting all over. That' part's funny, but he gets all trembly when that happens, and soon wants to relax. I don't understand him, it feels so good, I would think he would want to do it all the time!

Once in a while he gives me a real treat! I get stroked by hands MUCH softer than his and I respond by blushing and getting real stiff. If it feels good enough I twitch in anticipation. And then I get to slide into one of two soft, wet places. The one he and I like most has warm lips that surround me, teeth that never bite, and a rough surfaced appendage that loves to rub all over me. The warmth inside this is wonderful! Soon I am pouring load after load of white stuff into this place, but it all disappears down a hole at the back. This place then licks me clean before taking me out into the air again. BRRRR! It was much warmer there!

The other place I have to be really stiff to enter, because I have to spread it's opening apart to allow me to enter it. It is soft, wet and warm, and its opening is surrounded with hair. There have been a couple of times that I spread the opening only to find the way blocked again by something. He pushes me hard against this resistance and finally I break through, covered in blood. My head is a little sore from the banging, and I worry the blood is from me, but it is coming from this warm place that is enveloping every millmeter of me. He pushes me in and pulls me out over and over again until he finally plunges me deep inside this dark, warm, wet and soft place and shoots the white stuff out of my eye over and over again, some of it splashing back on me so that I get to taste it's saltiness. Then he sometimes lets me relax inside this pleasant place until am soft again.
I think I'm a very lucky pet, don't you?

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