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9/6/2006 12:19 am

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Remember when you were a kid
And having fun was a part of everything you did
Collecting rocks from the dirt
Even running, falling and getting hurt
To the pain you were numb
As long as with a laugh it would come
Your imagination would take you away
To any adventure you could think of to play
Pick up a stick and it's a sword
The tree is a castle and you're the lord
The dog is a hungry, man eating dragon
And your chariot is your trusty red wagon
Or the wagon could be a car
In a parade where you are the star
As you pass you wave to your fans
Branches and leaves are their arms and hands
Or you are a cowboy in the wild, wild west
Dueling Mad Dogg McGraw who says, he's the best
At high noon you will know
But you're confident he's too slow
You've got your six shooters ready for the draw
All the town folk are anxiously gathered in awe
And then you hear the call
Mom quickly puts an end to it all
Mad Dogg is lucky he gets another day
"Until next time", with a smirk you say

QueenTippyTop 40F

9/21/2006 11:41 am

Uncompromisingly male! Reminisce on how good you had it back then and remember that's it's not all that bad today. Good lesson to remember T.

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