She cums on cam (yay!)  

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8/27/2005 7:46 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

She cums on cam (yay!)

My wife has been having a great time camming since we started experimenting with it a few months ago. Recently, though, she's taken it to the next level, allowing herself to have an orgasm on cam. I think that the new element introduced by camming took some getting used to. Thoughout our relationship, she's always had an easy time achieving mind-blowing orgasms; however, being watched by all of you, though a huge turn on for her, is also a bit intimidating. Recently, though, she's been going at it full force.

As we were camming last week, I could tell she was getting very excited. She was moaning as she was sucking and licking my cock, and she was falling naturally into the rhythms she likes when it's just the two of us. Ever eager to please her, I told her it was my turn and went down on her. Probably wasn't much to see on cam (you could only see her prone body from the side with my head between her legs and my hands reaching up to play with her nipples), but she was writhing and loving it. She was so wet and so close, but she needed just a bit more to push her over the edge. So we sat up together and I rubbed her clit while I licked her nipples in small, tight circles. That did it, and she went over the edge. It was an explosive orgasm (hope those who saw it would agree), and it was only the second time she's cum on cam. Now that the floodgates are open, I expect there to be even more fun and fireworks when we bring the cam into our bedroom!

Thanks to those of you who watched and sent us pages - she loves reading your comments while we're playing on cam. Your words of admiration and encouragement are to thank for making her feel comfortable on cam. Hope you keep watching.

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