Hello sex world  

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7/4/2005 5:04 pm

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Hello sex world

Nothing like a first post, particularly about my very favorite subject. Yes, "my" - this will mostly be his blog, though she may add thoughts and insights from time to time. She is perhaps more of the doing it, less the writing about it school of sexuality Me, I am usually quiet, but there is one subject on which I will pontificate without reserve, and that is sex.

There is no other subject which has fascinated me as much as sex, nor any pursuit more inspiring. And this is coming from a musician (who is very passionate about the art of making sound). Neither work, nor art, nor religion, nor any other form of expression and introspection holds me as rapt as sex, and I am going to start writing about it here.

Hope it's enjoying and amusing, and possibly even inspiring, but hopefully always worth the read.

Here we go...

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