Reflected in girls eyes.  

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11/18/2005 4:40 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Reflected in girls eyes.

Have you ever seen a Man and girl sitting at a table, leaning forward totally lost in each other connecting in a way that seems so simple and deep. Hours could drift away in seconds intimacy shared.

Perhaps you have experienced this too, as the world fades away and you sense only a Man looking into a girls eyes. Perhaps she kneels or stands with head lowered and eyes down totally submissive and at His command. Such simple beauty in the silence of the second.

While girl waits in the silence echoing the breath of the one she serves waiting for the command so easy to obey her nature calls deeply while her heart pounds like the timpani drum. Sensing in His Power who she is truly able to be more. In the movie or the picture inside her Mind she sees easily so many dreams of the things she seeks within herself to understand more. As he reaches inside and lights the flame of life burning with a new brilliance shimmering.

He stands there simply breathing in Control watching her every tiny movement. The twitch of a muscle, the rise and fall of her chest, the pulse under her skin. Every sense alive Dominating her because this is naturally wonderful. Totally calm in the certainty that she will Obey because this is what she desires deeper inside. His Power is all. Totally free Command is His Power where she finds herself meeting Him as O/one. Perfect submission so comfortably and easily now in His Command making everything so beautiful and natural.

Commands almost a whisper inside her mind loudly compelling or compelled. His sense of her so deep that she is within Him enmeshed as O/one the Command and obedience. The brand and the collar so profound, while yet more profound is the connection bonding beyond time and place. Within the bonding of the hearts like eternal spirits woven together in the currents of chronos. Surrender is her desire submitted.

Nature wild as the waves wash onto the sand constantly in the cycle of time calm or wild the ancient sea changing and constantly new. Every shade under the sun upon the surface of the sea shifting and shimmering. While the air moves across the surface leaving the smallest ripples for those who look again. Time continues in the eternal nature of the world as the waves demand. Even the time and tide of the worlds and suns move eternally in the Command of Gravity attracting and connecting with the infinite forces even words must Obey.

His Command, she obeys for this is the way of infinite nature reaching into the moment shared, eternally she is His. Infinite shared pleasures she endures with joyous heart serving.

While storms rage, the earth quakes and the volcano spews forth the raw energy of the erupting magma. Silent kneeling in the stillness she feels safe, in His Power and Command, she is. Still now.

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