Erotic Hypnosis for the curious.  

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11/16/2005 3:34 pm

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Erotic Hypnosis for the curious.

Few people realize the erotic possibilities with hypnosis, by reading here you step into seeing your new adventure in understanding and learning.

Like many people you may have heard of hypnosis, seen hypnosis in the movies or on stage. Some people are lucky enough to experience hypnosis and the wonderful feeling of total focus.

Here reading on, you will learn about just how easily hypnosis can be used for erotic and sensual pleasures. From enhancing existing relationships and opening up the mind and body to experience even more, to the exotic euphoria of impossible fantasies that feel real to your curious mind and body.

Deep inside you there is a wonderful resource called the imagination. As a child you created simple and complex fantasies every day and as an adult reading or watching movies you continue to do this. Sometimes you may even remember a vivid dream that was incredibly real, just like hypnosis.

Fantasy with guided imagery taps into this deep resource and dream like state to make your fantasies a reality inside. The ultimate safe sex experience !

What is 'Hypnosis' ? Or as some call it 'Trance' ? Trance or Hypnosis is a total natural and normal human experience. Everyday most people go into a trance now and then. A general description of this is "any experience that causes you to go inside and have an experience". This could be remembering something or imagining something perhaps even simply accessing multiplication tables or words.

For example: is there something you do, perhaps a favorite activity or usual activity, where your mind just drifts away and time seems to disappear. Yes, we all have things like this; driving distances and wondering where the time went; watching TV; sports activities; reading or chatting on the computer. Activities that totally absorb the attention as we completely focus all thought and other things just disappear. Like drifting in that time between waking and sleeping.

These states are called trace states, with hypnosis the mind opens and the hypnotist guides the hypnotic subject into the experience you want, need or crave deeply.

The hypnotist may use words and props, like a spiral or even music and sounds to induce the initial hypnotic trance. Everyone experiences this in their own way as the mind opens. Perhaps feeling relaxed or focused or just feeling normal. Some people think they are awake and others think they are asleep. It doesn't matter how you go into your trance easily. You can allow this to work any way that works for you and it's all ok because you are inside your mind.

In a trance now, what happens next, going deeper, as you are taken down stairs or an escalator even an elevator looking at the numbers change as you move into your mind more doors open inside. Where ideas and suggestions can move within because you can imagine the wonderful feeling of total relaxation in this safe and comfortable place, just for you.

Somewhere inside there is a vast library of ideas and fantasies. All your memories of real and imagined experiences and dreams. It seems now that you can select and access any one of these so simply or easily. So which one would you select now? What do you most crave to experience in hypnosis? The choice is yours and it's ok to choose anything because you can come back here easily to try something new and exciting anytime you want to now or in the future. Just imagine how real your dream about this can be.

As you find yourself in the experience you choose to go deeper because this is your desire. Perhaps seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling, sensing or tasting in a new reality. You can look around or move around this wonderful world discovering just how amazing this is because you know the sun rises in the east and sets in the west with twilight skies filled with beautiful amazing colors.

Even now you are reading this it is possible that you have made pictures in your mind or that you can hear a voice reading every word you see as your eyes move from left to right along the lines of text. This indicates that you will enjoy your erotic hypnotic experience that you are more curious about now you have read a little more about what you are interested in.

Inside most people there is a secret fantasy that they think about often, perhaps you can think of yours now. Daily things may remind you of this or touch this need. Your own erotic hypnotic experience may be one of gentle romance, intense sensation, intimate connection, total control, total submission, calm like still water or wild like the storm. Erotic hypnosis will give you a safe way of experiencing this more intensely. Imagine wanting or needing this now what would you choose ?

Sir_Sparhawk ( Sir_Spar_Hawk )

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