The endless search...  

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11/3/2005 10:27 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The endless search...

Being Bisexual, I knew at an early age, that I loved being with women. I have always considered myself more of a giver than reciever. In a nutshell, being given the oppurtunity to please women has always been a favorite. When and after I met hubby, our 3-somes with women were nothing short of nirvana. We found ourselves both spoiling the female with touching, licking, rubbing and oral excitement. We have never looked at a encounter with a female as a time for us to be selfish, but raher an encounter for the female to explore, or be given total sexual fullfillment. I giggle, because alot of the women have come into the situation thinking that we expect reciprocation, when in fact, that is totally not the case. There have been several occasions where the female has asked for hubby to bang her hard and we have obliged, which certainly adds to the intense sex between hubby and I afterwards. We have found, that it is rather difficult to find women as of late that want to indulge and spoil themselves sexually..Pamper themselves if you will, in being the sole center of attention. I'm secure enough in my relationship, that seeing hubby with another woman definately makes me dripping wet and it's a thought that has never, nor will never leave my mind. But we both agree, that one of the best feelings in the world, is having our tongues touch each others' while tasting and listening to a female thouroughly enjoying herself. Some of the encounters were discussed many times in advance with interested females before hooking up, while others were spontaneous and actually more exciting..(Gotta love that no-strings thing..) It's always been a fantasy that we continue to perform, and frankly, see no end in sight, no matter how difficult or frustrating the search may be..

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11/5/2005 11:57 am

All of your writings are soooo hot... My heart beat increases as I read each one. You are who I would like to meet ... on a winter evening I see you cumming towards me. You walk with a sensual confidence that I don't know that I have ever seen before. There are big white snow flakes just starting to melt on your hair and shoulders. You are wearing an elegant long winter dress coat and black heels. You are holding a bottle of champagne by the neck as you walk down the hallway of a hotel. We "accidently" rub against each other as we pass. You turn, looking over your shoulder, throwing your hair back, with a sparkle in your eyes. I watch you walk slowly away. You know I am watching as you run your free hand down the side of your body, reaching your hips, you lightly squeeze your ass. When you reach the door of your room you open it, turn and look me directly in the eye, slowly running your tounge along the upper lip of your open mouth. You open your coat exposing your naked body, to my hungery eyes, you let the coat fall from your taught frame to the floor around your feet. You step over the coat walk into the room, leaving the door open ....................

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