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10/13/2005 6:32 am

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Tanja was my first girlfriend. I met her through a friend when I was fifteen. After some back and forth, we ended up as a couple and soon afterwards, we also had our first night together in her parents’ house. I was a virgin, she was not. So, if you want to know what premature ejaculation is, just ask me.
Anyway, her body was a pure dream and afterwards always very nice to play around with or shag. She always was in great shape, even though she wasn’t quite a supermodel. Being a police woman now, she must, as you will understand. After we broke up, we didn’t keep in touch really, but some six or seven years later, we met again and maintained contact. Somehow, she still felt for me, although it’s quite hard to understand.
The first time we met in seven years was right after work, when she picked me up at my office and we went for a coffee. She told me about her boyfriend, who didn’t treat her quite as well as boyfriends usually do. However, even though we went to her car afterwards and she gave me the opportunity to play around with her boobs a bit (I’d say she’s a 36D or something in that range) and even though I offered her to just drive over to some forest and have some fun, she denied and felt a bit guilty even.
Some months later, I simply dropped by her home on a business trip and she showed me the way to a factory I would have to visit later. We had coffee and talked a bit, but when her boyfriend returned home, I had the impression that she is simply too faithful and loyal.
That’s why I was so surprised to get a message on my hand phone later, saying „I’m sorry, but when I was with you in your car, I would have really wanted you to nail me.“
So, when she finally broke up with her boyfriend and moved to her own apartment, I paid her a visit there. I was living in Singapore, but I took a day off to go the 150km from my home to her place. After a quick dinner, she gave me some wine and we sat there like children. When the main conversation was over, she simply told me: „Well, what the hell. I know why you are here and you know why I wanted you to come here.“
We didn’t finish the wine. Instead, it took us about ten seconds to get our clothes off and jump into bed. It was fascinating to see a well-trained police officer with huge boobs ride me like a mad cowgirl. You could tell that she was starving for sex, which is why we did it three times in a row that night.
Even today, I stil would like to shag her from time to time, but unfortunately, she is with another guy now and told me (without asking) that currently she would not be available for any sexual fun. How sad.
She's sexy, funny sometimes, not too thin and an easy person to be with. Intelligent and sensual. What more could you want?

Well, I guess in the end I would be happy to meet SOMEone willing to spend some quality time in bed with me. Friends with benefits, as it's called.

Any applicants?

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