Social Life .... What is that exactly ? ? ?  

sincitybrunette 57F
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7/23/2005 10:18 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Social Life .... What is that exactly ? ? ?

Someone out there help me please! ! !

When you are sitting at home on a Saturday night because you want too, what does that say for your social life? The sad part is I could be out enjoying myself right now, but I honestly want to be right where I am.

Its been a really crazy week with work and baseball games and etc. Tonite is just going to be a quiet night. Sit back and watch movies with the kids and hit the sheets early, alone. Tomorrow I can get back on the train and start moving again.

So, how many others are out there just relaxing and taking it easy and how many want to tell those of us that are home relaxing what you did tonite?

sincitybrunette 57F
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7/23/2005 11:19 pm

rtj - i know the feeling completely.

Funin89012 57M

7/23/2005 11:43 pm

You sound as if you are bored or a little sad you do not have something to do. Does one have to always have something to do every night? It sounds as if you feel strange not having play time every night. Relaxing at home is a good thing.

artistforexploit 61M

7/24/2005 3:10 am

Generally I can be found at home on a Saturday nite, relaxing with my friend or working in my studio. There's nothing wrong with staying home, it's a chance to regroup from the week gone by.
Then after a quiet evening at home I can get up early the next morning & enjoy the blissful peace & quiet of the day unfolding as I plan my dayBut I was invited out for dinner last nite, which was good for a change.

sincitybrunette 57F
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7/24/2005 8:56 am

funin - I am not bored or sad...I am always right where I want to be. I love staying home and just relaxing, especially with the right person there with me......

sincitybrunette 57F
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7/24/2005 8:57 am

artist - Its nice to know that I am not the only one who actually enjoys a relaxing night at home. I don't get many and they are really needed....

jonnyblong 56M

10/11/2005 4:20 am

I'm never alone even when I'm by myself, my father lives in my boys and my mother in my daughter. I give them my love that my parents gave me, I do the things my father taught me that they need to live by I'm still growing from being my fathers son to being my sons and daughters father, that journey in itself makes me the better man. I enjoy the quiet I find late at night as the kids are in bed. I was alone most of my life but had others around me all at the same time.
Enjoy each step of your life before you know it, it could be over.

sincitybrunette 57F
1668 posts
10/11/2005 4:39 pm

jonny - I have learned that, but thank you for sharing....I have learned more about life in the last year than I ever thought possible.

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