Part 2 More AFF Tales From My Massage Table of Ecstasy...  

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3/6/2006 9:55 pm

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Part 2 More AFF Tales From My Massage Table of Ecstasy...

While I was talking to Robert, my Wednesday night delight fuck buddy, and telling him about Gerry and Gerry's friends, he asked me if he can cum over to get his legs rubbed since they were a little sore from his skiing up in Salt Lake City all weekend. Of course, why would I deny this hottie right? Besides I'm thinking it would be nice to suck some cock today now that I'm all worked up from Gerry.

I greeted Robert in nothing but a pink bra and matching panties. He was pleasantly surprised since normally I don't open my door half naked even for him. So pretty much before we even made it to the massage table our lips were locked and my hands were undoing his belt. It's been a few days since I had this fat cock down my throat, and I was ready. My pussy was on fire.

I just stripped Robert out of his clothes and sat him down in a chair and just went to town attacking his balls with my tongue and licking his shaft like a lollipop. I was on fire, and I wanted him to know it. He begged for my pussy but I told him it would have to wait, I want his cock down my throat, and that's just where I kept it until he exploded every ounce of hot cum he had saved in his balls all weekend. God damn his cum is so good. I love taking it all down my throat and licking his cock clean.

After his blowjob, I gave him his massage. I know Robert LOVES to have his back and butt worked on so I gave him a full body massage and did a little extra work on his sore legs just because I'm cool like that, and I like to give what I can to my man. Even though he is only my fuck buddy, he is the only one I have right now so I spoil him with my attention when he's here.

Now I wasn't done with him just yet. Do you really think he was going to just get 1 blowjob today and no pussy? Hell NOOOOO. I think I mentioned Robert is an older gentlemen so in order to get that cock raging hard for me again, I did the one thing that I absolutely LOVE to do on this man...TOSS HIS SALAD. I kid you not when I say his ass is to die for. I mean it. No hair, tan, heart shaped, just PERFECT. I love putting my tongue up and down and all around his fabulous butt. This makes him sooo fucking hard. The first time I did that he swore he hadn't been that hard since he was a teenager. I fucking love his nice stiff dick just fucking the shit out of me so I make damn sure I lick that ass just right.

Once he had a raging hard on and he couldn't take anymore, he got up, ripped my panties off, and bent me over my massage table. I spread my legs while he guided his missile into my wet cunt. Robert has a very thick cock so it fits nice and snug inside me.

I must have come at least a dozen times all over that cock as he pump the hell out of me for at least a good 30 minutes. Man this guy can fuck. Usually I just let him bust his nut deep inside me but today I wanted to take another load down my throat. So after my last orgasm, I pulled away and dropped to my knees and sucked my cum off his cock and just continued to suck and stroke and lick and tickle his ass until he exploded down my throat for the second time today. His second load is always so much larger than the first one...I FUCKING LOVE IT.

That was one of the best fucks we have had since we started doing this about 3 months ago. I'm looking forward to seeing him again on Wednesday for more hot fun.

Now stay tuned for Part 3 of my crazy Monday on my massage table of ecstasy....

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