PURE update...Oh Lord What Have I Done?  

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2/25/2006 6:28 am

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PURE update...Oh Lord What Have I Done?

OK here I am at 6am updating my blog while I have some young thang chopping wood in my bedroom upstairs. How can someone so cute with the most adorable ass snore so fucking loud?

I get over to PURE at about 11:30ish, and I'm on the prowl. Yeah, it's hell week for me. Hell week is the week right before my Aunt Flow comes to visit and I'm hornier than a motherfucker. All I think about is sex and fucking and being fucked and fucking and....

My entourage and I head over to the bar to say hi to one of our friends who works there, we get some drinks, and it's off to the dance floor with my fat ass. Yeah I'm shakin' it, I'm doing my best moves, I'm workin' it when this young'n (a total tourist by the way) comes up to me and starts asking me question after question right there on the floor. I was like lets go talk somewhere because you already fucked up my groove but you're hot so I won't show you how pissed I am until I get you home.

We talk, he's a redneck from Texas. Gotta love them Texas boys. Carrying on about some college he goes to as if I give a fuck. Anyway, from what I see he has a nice ass in those pants. I want to get him out of them and see more. I'm a total ass woman. If a guy doesn't have a nice ass fucking forget man.

After another drink (I usually max out at 2 drinks --can't really hold my liquior) and a little more dancing, I just came out and said it...Wanna fuck there cowboy or what? Of course him being all by 22 years old jumped all over that. By this time my entourage has also hooked up so I was like hell let's go to my house and party. The pool's heated...we can really have some fun.

Get to the house, get naked, get in the pool. Lots of skin. Lots of play. There's 6 of us and we're all having a good time. My Texas boy can kiss--thank Gawd! Kissing is so underrated. So we're making out and his raging hard on is just poking me sorta in the leg just dying to get in. These young'ns are always in a fucking rush.

Anyway, long story short cuz I really need to sleep since I have to be at work in 3 hours. After 3 blow jobs and 3 amazingly awesome fuck sessions, here I sit in front of my computer listening to this fucking redneck snore away upstairs. I mean I am downstairs at the other end of the house, and I still hear him! My 4 houseguests bailed out because the "noise was just too much." I want to go up there and say hey buddy, GET THE FUCK OUT but I think I need to call him a taxi first. I just don't get it. How can someone with such a beautiful cock and hot ass snore so loud?

Seriously, Oscar Goodman should pass a law that let's us local people kill off 1 tourist per year and get away with it. As if the snoring wasn't bad enough, he must have farted 9000 fucking times in his sleep. I'm so disgusted with myself for ever letting Trumpet Butt put his dick in my mouth. Remind me never to pick up tourists again -- they always fucking snore!

I can't take anymore...I'm kicking him out. Fuckin' redneck. OK OK maybe I'll go wake him up and have him fuck me one more time before I throw his ass out on the street.

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