MOJO RISING! KEEP ON RISING!: Another Tale From My Massage Table of Ecstasy...  

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4/1/2006 1:52 pm

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MOJO RISING! KEEP ON RISING!: Another Tale From My Massage Table of Ecstasy...

Oh yes another slammin' Friday on the massage table of ecstasy.

Yesterday I was blessed with several new AdultFriendFinder visitors to the ecstasy table. I must say these 2 fine ass babes really kicked my mojo in! Oh yeah, it's back and back with avengance. These guys were the finest fucking hotties I have yet to massage. Please I mean no offense to anyone who has been to the table before, it's just that I was fortunate enough to land not only 1 but 2 underwear models in 1 day. How fucking awesome is that? Do I fucking rock or what?

On to the tale...

First up, certified hottie #1 Damien. Can you say BABYDOLL? I mean this guy was so hot when he walked through the door the central air kicked on. I was like God Damn I died and gone to heaven. I'm gonna see this guy naked? I love my job. OK so Damien is smoking hot but as soon as he opened his mouth I was like oh damn. Fuck, this dude wouldn't shut up. Does he talk this much to everyone? I couldn't even hear myself think over his loud fucking voice. It's a good thing he was cute because I would be so pissed by now. Anyway, as I tried to tune him out and concentrate on his sexy hard body, I noticed that my panties were soaked by the time I reached his fabulous ass. Jeez, I was a gonner. Completely soaked to the point where I can hear squishy sounds. Now if this babe would just shut the fuck up maybe I would bend over my massage table of ecstasy for him and let him ram his big cock up my cunt but NOOOOO he kept on yapping through the whole massage! Even when it came time to rub his lovely dick, he kept on talking. By the way, nothing of any relevance either. Just fucking nonsense...blah blah blah. What a buzzkill. To have that hot ass model on my table and he gave me a headache! Well at least his voice did, the rest of him got me all wet. I sure would have LOVED to fuck this guy but all that blabbering was such a turn off. It's not that I don't like when a man talks, it's what he was talking about. It was just stupid stuff. Almost to the point that he was just thinking of shit to say. OK on to the next babe...

Babe #2 is if Damien wasn't hot enough along comes Eddie. Jeez, this guy was not as super hot as Damien but his stellar personality more than made up for it. OK so I'm still soaking fucking wet from Damien and then I see Eddie and I'm like ok I'm fucking this guy.

As I massage Eddie, I start hinting around that it's been over a week since I fucked and he is well aware of that from reading my blog. He would love to help me bring back my mojo. So without further hesitation, my panties were off and I was bent over my massage table taking his huge anaconda hard up my soaking wet pussy. I couldn't believe how hard he was fucking me, I swear I thought the table was going to fall over. When it was time for Eddie to cum, he asked if he can bust his nut on my tits. Why of course babe, it would be an honor. So down on my knees I went to take his hot man juice all over my perky 38D's. God damn that was so hot. I masturbated 3 times today just thinking about it.

Yeah my mojo is back! Thank you Eddie for helping me through the funk.

As for the rest of you...stayed tuned because now that my mojo is back I plan on making up for lost time.


ArgosPlumyKooky 46F
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4/1/2006 2:39 pm

a story like that would help any lost mojo be found

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