I'm In Love With A Stripper...  

sincityamberxxx 42F
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7/6/2006 9:45 pm

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7/8/2006 7:53 pm

I'm In Love With A Stripper...

OK, I'm not but my friend Chuck is. Chucked turned 44 on Monday and a few of us got together for dinner and drinks to celebrate. After dinner we moved over to the Hookah Lounge to get our smoke on, and while we were there Chuck let it slip that in 44 years he has never once been to a strip club. HOLY POOP!

Now who better to go to a strip club with than me and my girl Lynda and our TS friend TS Steve. Steve has VIP over at SCORES so we took out little party over there for the night. We brought these 2 old dudes we met at the restaurant with us, they seemed pretty cool so we just dragged them along for the ride.

Once inside SCORES, Lynda and I were saying hi to a few of the girls we know who work there and told them that it was Chuck's birthday and to send a few bottles over to our table. After a few more drinks, it was time to get Chuck some lap dances. Chuck really didn't want any lap dances because he said that it never interested him...whatthefuckeverdude.

OK fine, I will get the lapdances then you big black sissy. So here come the girls and for some reason chicks dig me so it was pretty much lapdance central over at our table. Lynda got in on the lapdances too. One of the girls was even bold enough to take my tits out and start licking them which is pretty much against the rules at any strip club but this is Sin City Amber you are talking about. Those 2 old dudes got a kick out of seeing that. I thought for sure they were gonna drop dead of a heart attack in that place. After I had my fill of lapdances, it was time to deal with Chuck.

Chuck has a thing for hispanic girls and trannies. Since TS Steve is our friend, Chuck wasn't going to be getting any from him/her. A few of the dancers at SCORES are trannies so we had the manager send them over. Finally, Chuck succumbed to getting a lapdance. His first ever lapdance was with a trannie girl name "Theodora" aka Teddy for short. I noticed Teddy had some really ugly ass hair--way too much AquaNet but that's besides the point. She was way digging Chuck. Of course we were all half in the bag long before we even got to the strip club but even in my drunken state I can see Chuck's 12 inch purple anacoda peeking through his jeans. TS Teddy was digging it too, couldn't keep her hands off Chuck.

Next up was this smokin' hot hispanic girl named Anna. She was fine as fuck. If I had a dick I would do her myself. Chuck was all into her, calling her Anna the whole time over and over like he was hypnotized by her. She was bumping and grinding on that big cock like crazy. Watching this made me very wet. After Anna was another hispanic girl name Melinda. Melinda was so hot with her long black her and her big brown eyes. At this point, I'm so fucking wet I need to like run to the ladies room and masturbate but no need for that because Melinda moved off Chuck and onto me just as the other TS who works at SCORES moves onto Chuck's lap. This TS who's name was Edie had on a sexy blue bikini on. I knew Chuck was feeling her because you can tell he couldn't keep his eyes off her.

Well needlesstosay when it was time to go home Chuck didn't leave alone. Lynda, TS Steve, and I all left the club together and went home and passed the hell out. I masturbated before bed though. Chuck ended up leaving with Anna the hispanic girl and TS Teddy the trannie. Chuck has been talking about all the sex he had for 3 days already. He said he had more sex in 1 night with the 2 of them than he had in both his marriages--not bad for the skinny token black guy that he is.

Oh yeah, by the way Chuck as been back at SCORES every night this week. Gooooo Chuck!

horizon3two5 42M
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7/8/2006 4:09 pm

Hey there Amber,

With strip club virgins I think you gave Chuck an overdose! LOL.

I remember my frst time! It was at Lil' Darlings and I was so damn nervous, that I parked my car around the block, walked up sweating and wondered if I would see real naked women! lol.

The door guy took my 20.00 (I was an out of towner at the time), could have been any amount because I was so scared, and I remember sitting in a corner half shaking.

Let's just say, I am alot wiser now, although I always leave the clubs with alot less money, falling in love and getting my heart broken all in the same night! On second thought maybe I am not so wise. grin. LMAO

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