Hockey and a hummer...  

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2/26/2006 12:29 pm

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Hockey and a hummer...

Last night I went to see the local hockey team, Las Vegas Wranglers, against well I don't know another team. Anyway, I get there and I'm with my friends and their kids. Being the only single & kid free chick in the group, I was eyeing up the place for potential meaningless one nighters for later on.

Sometime during the 2nd period, I spot him. Walking up the stairs probably on his way to get a beer. I decided to go check it out a little better. I leave my seat and follow his hot ass to the beer stand. He was a cutie too. Goatee, tight jeans, nice ass, blue eyes, hat on backwards. Oh yeah guys, a lot to be said for wearing your baseball cap backwards. Anyway, he orders his beer, I order mine. I see him checking me out but he doesn't say anything. So I say something like "oh don't look so sad, we'll catch up" (we were behind 1 pt in the game). He laughs, says something which I didn't hear because I just kept wondering how big his dick is. We walk back together and he says something like "oh we're in the same section" or some shit.

Anyway, we go back to our seats and I can see he is with a bunch of guys--no chicks...NICE! Of course, being with a bunch of kids myself doesn't do much for sex appeal. So during the next break, he swings by and asks me which kid is mine. I was like oh no I'm kidless. So he sits next to me! Damn, I was impressed. I guess wearing a low cut shirt helped.

So we chatted a little bit and I dont know how the subject of cars came up but he mentions he drives a Hummer. Next thing out of my mouth was, WOW! I always wanted to give a hummer in a hummer. He turns to me and says well lets go. So hell, I'm horny, sure why not.

We get to the truck, which is really big inside by the way, and we just start making out like animals. Next thing you know tops are off and pants are down. NICE BIG COCK BABY! Yeah, so pleased. I have amazingly good fortune lately on picking out guys with big dicks. I was in a slump there for a while. Anyway, I give his balls a nice bath with my tongue and after about 5 minutes of ball lickin' I take that anaconda down my throat. This babydoll knew how to fuck a face let me tell ya!

Yeah so after he fucked my molars good and hard (the way I like it) for a little while, he's like can I cum on your face? Sure, baby, I love it when a guy busts his nut all over me. Go for it, and with that he did. Good thing I had a little make up bag with me to touch up when I was done.

After a little clean up, I powdered my nose, and left the truck and told him to enjoy the rest of the game. At this point, he shouted out to me "Hey wait, what's your name? and can I have your number?" I said, No baby, I got what I wanted and went back inside to finish watching the game.

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