55 and still alive...  

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3/9/2006 10:18 pm

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55 and still alive...

Yeah so by now my faithful readers know I have a 55 year old fuck buddy named Robert. Of course, he doesn't look or act 55 but he is. He fucks like a young man, and his dick is always and I mean always raging hard. He says I have that effect on him which is awefully sweet of him but I think he just has good genes like that.

Ok, I guess before I tell you about our rendevous on Wednesday morning, I need to back up and tell you a story of something that happened to me in June of 2003.

I was dating this guy named Henry who was 46 years old. Pretty hot guy, a Kurt Russell look a like. Anyway, Henry and I were dating about 2 months at this point. One night while I was riding him, he had a heart attack. I know I know but the face he was making was his "orgasm face". It didn't look like no fucking heart attack to me and besides he didn't say anything or signal for help. He just kind of made that face and then stopped breathing. After realizing what was happening I called 911 and then administered CPR. The paramedics took over when they arrived and they couldn't revive him.

Yes, that was a very traumatic experience for me. To have someone just die like that. Well it turns out Henry, although in good shape, had a weak ticker. It just ran in his family. Now it has taken me some time to get over that image of him having a heart attack right under me, and I have had a phobia for almost 3 years about riding a guy's cock.

So Wednesday morning, I wake up horny as hell and I call my fuck buddy Robert to see if he has time to cum over for a quickie. He does. He gets here and we are all over each other as usual. By the time we head back to my room he goes to me, "Sit on my cock baby." Now, in my head I'm like oh hell no because he is even older than Henry was and I just don't want another guy to die on me. Besides, I'm like 25 pounds heavier now than I was back then. All this is going through my mind.

After sucking Robert's cock to completion the fucker is still raging hard and wants me to sit on it. OK, here I go. I am praying in my head to please let him live through it. LOL. Here I am bouncing on his dick like a motherfucker. Face forward, then reverse, then face forward again. Really working it. Then he is ready to cum because he has "that face". In fact, it's the same look Henry had before he dropped dead under me. Now I'm the one about to have the heart attack. As Robert has his orgasm, I'm reaching for the phone about to dial 911. Fortunately for both of us, his ticker is pretty damn good because not only did he survive that but about 15 minutes later, I sat on his dick again, and he survived it a second time. Not bad for a 55 year old.

OK...now stay turned for the "really weird story" about what happened later Wednesday night at a neighbors house....

NatchuralGuy 64M

3/14/2006 1:33 pm

Haven't you heard, Sweetie - 50 is the new 40?

We're a pretty sturdy lot, us 50-somethings. I envy Robert's ability to take a sucking and keep on fucking. I can't do that anymore, dammit, so more power to him!

Still, I guarantee that if you either suck me to cum-pletion or ride me until we both pass out, I won't kick the bucket on you!

sincityamberxxx 42F

3/14/2006 6:18 pm

LOL. Great! I will keep that in mind when I need a replacement fuck buddy!

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