3 Fat Asses and a Big Nose Retard Bitch...  

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3/9/2006 11:13 pm

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3 Fat Asses and a Big Nose Retard Bitch...

The story I am about to tell you is not exaggerated. I must warn you, it is not my usual tales about my sexcapades but it did take place, and I feel the need to get it off my chest. This is not a story for the faint of heart. Please proceed with caution.

There is this pathetic fat ass who is madly in love with me, his name is Franklin Swaim. I say he is pathetic because he is a midget, over 350 pounds, zits all over his face, he is over 40, lives with his Mom and Grandma, has no job, and smokes pot all day which his buys using his mom's social security money. I know all this how you say? Because this piece of shit is my neighbor. I know hard to believe a turd like this lives in my neighborhood but his mom lived here first, and he moved in with her about 2 years ago. Anyway, Fat Ass Frank (as I call him) is a very disturbed individual. In the 2 years he has lived there he was arrested for stalking a minor, and some other charges related to endangering a 15 year old girl.

About 3 months ago, Fat Ass Frank made it clear to me that he is madly, deeply, and truly in love with me and will not rest until I am his girl. Of course, I laughed at him when he said this, and I told him to get a life. Since then he has been "partying" with all kinds of freaks of nature to get me jealous or so he claims.

On Wednesday night, my friend Jason (who is visiting me from Georgia) and my cousin Mike (the one who ruined my sofa) are BBQing in the back yard and cleaning out the pool. We hear all this noise going on over at Fat Ass Frank's house. I look over the wall and I see Fat Ass Frank, another neighbor from down the street Erin Adams, and this other guy Brian Filmy. All three of them are naked. At this point, I no longer wanted dinner because the site of them made me want to vomit.

I guess I should tell you that the Erin girl is mildly retarded. Not like super retarded but like a Forest Gump level of retardedness. The neighbors call her snaggletooth because her teeth are so banged up they stick out a mile from of her mouth. And that Brian guy is a 300 pound Asian. I had to do a double take just to see if he even had a dick under all the layers of fat. My friend and cousin were cracking up. From the looks of it, I don't think Erin's parents bothered telling her about shaving her pussy because she had bush hair growing all the way to her knees.

After witnessing that disturbing scene, the 3 of us went about our business. A little while later we hear these fat cows come out of the house again and into Fat Ass Frank's flithy and I mean FLITHY jacuzzi. He never cleans it or covers it. In the daytime, you can see the slime floating on top of the water.

Now this is where the story gets interesting. I'm still cleaning out my pool when my cousin whispers to me to come over and take a peek over the fence. Curiousity got the best of me, so I did. OH MY FUCKING GOD. I see Fat Ass Frank giving Brian a blow job right there on top of the jacuzzi while Erin is putting a finger in Fat Ass Frank's butt! At least it looked like a finger. It could have been a dildo or even a cucumber for all I know.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Me and my entourage were laughing so hard that the 3 of them looked our way. We ducked down fast but thankfully I have a big mulberry tree back there so the branches sort of hid us while this trainwreck of an orgy was taking place.

After a few minutes, the 3 of us peeked over once again to see more of this. The only thing I can compare it to is a bad accident on the highway where you know there are casualities and you don't want to look but you just cannot help yourself from looking. We watched a few more minutes when the sound of Fat Ass Frank's doorbell ringing startled us. Fat Ass Frank got up to answer it, and I couldn't look. That was just too much for my eyes. All I remember my cousin saying was WOW! Look at all that fat.

Curious to see who it was, I peeked over the wall again, and to my surprise it was another fat ass neighbor who I really cannot stand named Robert Harrison. Harrison is even fatter than Fat Ass Frank and he looks like a mountain man with his long beard and long hair. Everyone on the block calls him "Portly Jesus." It's sad that he keeps himself like that. He is another loser living off his daddy's income.

All these fat asses in the jacuzzi was too much for me to take so I went inside. A little while later my cousin comes running in the house telling me to come outside and bring a video camera. Since he used the camera last, he actually went to go retrieve it. I went outside and Jason was signalling for me to hurry up. I stepped up on the bench again and looked over. By this time, my cousin was up there with the recorder.

To my absolute horror, and I do mean horror..Brian was sucking Robert and Robert was eating Erin's snatch (he must like all that hair since he has so much of his own) and Fat Ass Frank was PISSING on them. Yes, you heard me, I said PISSING ON THEM. My cousin and friend were laughing so hard, I'm surprised those 4 fat asses didn't hear them. I myself was sick to my stomach. My cousin said this will be just what I need to blackmail Fat Ass Frank so he never bothers me again. If his mom knew this was going on in her backyard, she would kick his Fat Ass out.

OK OK OK now for the worst part. Now please, if you have a weak stomach this is the time to stop reading. After the pissing was done, I witnessed the most unthinkable. I have heard about this sort of thing, and even glipsed at a website for it once a few years ago. After the pissing was done, the 3 guys lined up on the ground next to the jacuzzi and Erin leaned over them and well...she CRAPPED on their heads and chests. YES YOU FUCKING HEARD ME. She took a shit on them.

This made me so fucking sick I was gagging and trying to hold back the vomit. So was my cousin and my friend Jason. That was the sickest shit (no pun) I ever saw up close. I'm sorry to have to scare you all like this but I just had to get this story out because it was the fucking weirdest thing I have witnessed in a long ass time.

I just couldn't watch any longer. I was so disgusted at this point that I had my cousin review the tape for clarity, and had him copy it to both a VHS and a DVD in which he did and had them both waiting for me on the table the next morning. I waited for Fat Ass Frank to take his stupid ass gay poodle for his morning walk at which point I walked right over to his house and personally handed the tape to his mother. I don't want that Fat Ass living next door any more. He makes me sick.

By 3PM this afternoon, his bags were packed and he drove away. I hope never to be seen again. I think I will see to it that the Harrison's and Adams' get a copy as well.

That's my story. Thank you for letting me get it off my chest. I feel better now. By the way, when I have orgies at my house, the participants are HOT AS HELL not disgusting fat asses like these pathetic losers.

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