Been a while since last update  

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4/29/2006 2:27 am
Been a while since last update

Thanks for the couple of comments next time we head down to Club Tastebuds we will let you know. We thought the same thing about it being off SOBT a little scary at first but everyone was very cool and we had a good time. I will let you know that Friday is BWW night so if that is not your thing you might want to go on Saturday. Which is when we were in attendance.

Sharon and I meet up with a couple the other night and she, Sharon, had a very enjoyable time. There was a little kissing and much anticipation of the ladies going all the way. But it was a Wednesday night and work comes early in the morning.

We have also been talking with the folks on the phone and phone sex is great but there comes a point were you just want to get together in the flesh.

We look forward to the meeting and are even talking about meeting up and Club Tastebuds getting all hot and sweaty on the dance floor...

More to come.

Jeff and Leigh

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