The Woods  

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4/27/2006 10:12 am
The Woods

a very long story wrote with a friend. they would do a section then i would do the next


She wonders lost within the darkening woodland, hair tangled blowing freely about her face, hands cupped near her heart, feeling it pound wildly within her chest, mouth partly open as she tries to watch her footing to keep from falling once more. Onward she walks unsure of where she is or why she is here, the trees seeming to come to life to whisper and torment her frightful mind.

Feeling eyes upon her the creatures of the woodland or something else she is not sure so she hurries, walking faster trying to watch her step looking back over her shoulder eyes dancing with fear, heart hammering like something trapped and trying to beat it’s way free. Hair whipping as the wind rises causing her clothing to slap against her flesh, she gasp a soft whimper of the lost coming from trembling lips.

Onward ever growing darker her foot wanting to walk faster but scared she will trip again slowing she move through the woods, still the feeling of those eyes trained on her every movement follows, pants sound as she feels the air and hears the sound of the creatures about only adding to her state of fear she starts to run blindly in the wood. Twigs and vines touching her flesh causing screams to rip in the chilled air labored she moves hands out before her hoping beyond hope it is all just in her mind none of it real running, panting gasping for air as she runs to or from something her mind throws in with the sounds all around the whistling of branches as the wind caresses them, the animals making their own music stirring more the fear in her heart.

Stumbling falling hands scraping the hard earth, stinging as the flesh gives, a groan of pain sounding she pulls herself up to sit nursing her hands, unable to see the marks of from the falling limbs of the trees nearby, only the sting of the opening the warm feeling of the blood as it slides nearly tickling down her wrist, holding her hands hard against her clothing soft cries coming as tears flow freely, curling up against herself hugging those long legs against her hammering chest, head lowering touching the shivering knees as she cries soaking her dress and causing the hands to sting more as the salty tears touch them.

Is that footsteps near? Her head jerks up looking into the blackness, eyes blurred from the tears, her mind snapping head turning to and fro. Was that it again, ohh who is coming what is coming, she curls up tighter looking over her knees trying to see what is coming, against the noise comes from her left, crushing of leaves long since died on the heart the smap of a trig busting of the weight of something, Dear god what is that? Her mind asks over and over, shivering shuddering, panting as the fear becomes a near state of terror ripping across her mind and heart. Closer louder it sounds; a whimper escapes her lips, closing her eyes tightly. T'is just a horrible dream a nightmare I shall awake soon, please let me awake soon.

Stopped all is still and ohh so quiet its mind racking, her head turns slowly looking trying to see within the night, the eyes still the feeling of the eyes watching judging looking for something. A mew sound comes from her lips; she bites into the flesh feeling tasting the flesh blood from the bite quieting her, trembling so hard her hands jerk as they hold tightly to her wrapped around the shaking legs. A sound ohhh that was a sound? Her mind stumbles trying to recall what that sound were or even if it was a sound at all.

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