The Whip  

simplycarol 47F
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4/27/2006 10:14 am

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5/11/2006 7:14 pm

The Whip

It has not eyes to see the marks of it's kiss, to envision the blood flowing from the welts, to witness the twisting turning bucking of the one under its command to dance.

It has not ears to hear the cries for mercy, to fill its brads with the screams of one in pain from its caress, to listen to the sobs for release.

It has not a heart to feel compassion, love nor warmth for the one under the flicking lashes, fondness to sense it's impact on your very soul.

So dear one fear not the whip for it has none, yet fear the Master's hand that holds firmly, that enflames, scars and marks your flesh.

For He alone as the eyes to see your pain, the ears to hear your torment and the heart to be merciful if it pleases Him to be so.

rm_ligerdude 71M
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5/8/2006 3:50 pm


The look in your eye does betray
The feelings that you have today
Excitement now to draw so near
Anticipation now leads to fear

Not knowing what is going on
Is for the girl not right, but wrong
Surprise is what’s for you in store
For you to say some more, some more

You are bound now head and toe
Time goes fast it is not slow
A blindfold on your eyes is tied
My function sure enough to hide

You turn your head now t’ward the sound
Of laughter here I must rebound
Your lips, still free, are put to use
To make me hard and free of juice

The slow, dark flow of special sauce
Brings me to say, what is the cost
Of meeting, eating, fucking you
It’s all in all a perfect screw

The Bandit

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