World cup fever, Brazilian babe and cultural differences  

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World cup fever, Brazilian babe and cultural differences

The World Cup is starting soon although I am not aware of when exactly it will start. It starts when staff comes to work sleepy or deliverables slip deadlines slightly and the management handles this phenomenon in good stride. It can also be a good team building exercise for the organization, e.g. we hooked up the boardroom projector to the cable network and allowed the staff to watch the matches during office hours in the last World Cup. That actually boosted their morale and they worked much harder after the respective matches and also the World Cup.

I used to be a soccer fan. Nowadays, I just join the in fun of participating in the betting pool set up by some of the ardent soccer fans among the staff. The surprising thing (at least to me) is the number of female soccer fans nowadays. It used to be a guys' game and women used to feel that they are competing against it for the guys' attention. Now, at least among the women I know, it seems that the women are more enthuastic than the guys. They idolize players, like Beckam, and other Italian, Spanish, Brazilian players whose names I could not pronounce. This period, being the tertiary institutions' vacation period, we also have interns working with us who are ardent soccer fans, and considering the trend, it wasn't surprising that all the 3 gals doing their internship with us are soccer fans. One was Brazilian of Japanese decent, Gina, and obviously she supports Brazil. The other two are Singaporeans, Ling Ling and Mei, who idolize some of the Brazilian players. As we are quite casual with our dressing except for those staff who has to meet clients, they don colors of the Brazilian soccer team to work very often. She has certainly inherited some of the Latin American genes that produced so many Miss Universe - slim well proportioned body, well-endowed, and also very beautiful hair (which I overheard her telling some of the ladies in the office that she rarely takes care of besides theusual shampooing.) She also has a natural golden tan which she said remains unchanged even if she spends hours in the sun; she is a beach goer and sometimes laments that she can't sunbathe nude on the beaches in Singapore, unlike back home in Brazil. She sent me a topless photo of herself at the beach in Brazil which in some ways reflects how liberal she is.

Gina works with me on the business trends for emerging technology areas. She gets along well with everyone in the office, flirting with the guys yet keeping a certain distance. Despite being envious of her good looks, the women in the office liked her too and she is never lacking in lunch buddies. Although we work a 5-day week, it is not uncommon for us to be at the office on Saturdays, especially when deadlines are approaching. Saturday is also the only day I could spend some time alone with her. Gina was helping me run some trend analysis for a technology roadmap which took much longer than expected due to the many more variables involved. We need to submit the report next week and have to get the finalized version ready for our technical committee meeting on Monday. Hence, she and I were back in the office on Saturday to work on it. To facilitate discussion, we set up a PC on the meeting table in my room and hooked it up the plasma on my office wall. She worked on it while I worked on the report. Each time she finished one run, we would analyze the results (displayed on the plasma) together and then she would transfer the spreadsheet to my notebook. This project was the most challenging so far and I am lucky to have her as my research assistant. When all the results were done and spreadsheets sent to me, I plotted the graphs and inserted them into the report. I then called her over to have a look at the completed report. As she walked over from the table, her braless boobs bounced with each step she took, straining against the thin yellow cutoff t-shirt with Brazilian colors that she wore. [Previously, I had overheard her commenting to the women staff in the office that Singapore is so hot and humid, and it is so uncomfortable to be wearing a bra everyday. The women laughed and said that the guys would love to see her braless. She said she doesn't mind as going out braless is so common in Brazil that no one pays any attention. When she first came to Singapore, she actually went to campus braless and was subtlely told by a lady professor that it wasn't appropriate to dress that way.] She is often "appropriately dressed" when she comes to work, except for some Fridays and of course Saturdays. The sight of her braless boobs didn't fail to arouse a reaction from my groin and size of the bulge is growing. I scrolled through the entire report for her to see as she stood next to my chair leaning against it. When I complimented her for a good job with the analysis, she bent down to hug me and planted a kiss on my cheek. She then cheekily asked whether she will be rewarded. I turned my chair towards her and she sat on my lap, which took me a little by surprise. The smile on her face and wriggle of her bottoms tell me that she could feel my bulge pressing against her. "well, how are you going to reward me?" she asked again, feigning impatience and wriggling her bottoms more, making my dick even harder. I played along, pretending to think as my hands caressed her waist and body. My right hand moved up under her t-shirt while my left slipped under her skirt. As I moved my hand further down, she spread her legs apart to give me access to her shaved pussy. My other hand fondled her boobs and softly pinched her nipples. She arched her body back resting her head on my shoulder moaning in pleasure. "You shave?" I asked refering to her bare pussy. "I like thongs" was the reply. Her pussy was damp, becoming wetter, as I fingered her. Slowly i pushed her t-shirt upwards and she pulled it off. This was the first time I saw her boobs, besides seeing the side view from the pic she sent to me. I turned her around slightly so that I could suck her nipples as I continued to finger her. The new position allowed me to finger her better and I slipped two fingers into her now very wet pussy, stroking it deep, and rubbing her g-spot. She was pushing her hips against my hand, encouraging me to probe deeper. "Are you ready for your reward?" I asked. "Yes, yes, yes...." she moaned in anticipation. I carried her to the table and laid her down. I pulled her skirt and panty off leaving her totally naked on the table, legs dangling off the edge. I took off my clothes and pulled her closer, then used my dick to rub her wet pussy lips, sliding its entire lenght on the lips. She moaned loudly, pleading to me not to tease her any more. I obliged and in one fast swift motion, rammed my dick into her wet pussy. Her juices made that sudden invasion easy and drove her into her first orgasm. She screamed in estacy and continued to moan as I fucked her, stroking my dick in and out like a piston. I bend forward to suck her nipples and lick her boobs. She pulled me tightly onto her boobs, urging me on. We moved slowly onto the table until I was able to fuck her in missionary position. Her legs wide apart and sometimes wrapped around me. In the midst of our lust, I had forgotten to put on a condom. "Wait..." I said as I got off her. She looked surprised as I walked to my table to get a condom. She smiled when I showed it to her. She got off the table, and came over to help me put it on. Then, she turned around and bent over the table, offering the pussy to me. My dick filled her pussy again and fucked her from behind - my favourite position. I slipped my arms around her to fondle her boobs while I thrust deep into her pussy in hard and fast strokes. Again, she arched back, mouth open tongue searching for mine. Our mouths locked, tongues exploring each other. Whenever I push too deep into her, she cried out in pain and pleasure, and continued to urge me on. She orgasmed multiple times, each time accompanied by a wave of pussy juices ozzing out. After multiple orgasms, she became tired and laid on the table as I continued fucking her. My thrusts became faster as I felt my peak approaching... my cum burst into the condom as I peaked, together with her final orgasm. I collapsed forward onto her, hugging her.

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