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5/10/2006 9:27 pm

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Webcam chat with Mark

[Mark is a good friend of mine who works in Tokyo, Japan.]

I was quite surprised to receive a page from Mark just after dinner. He rarely pages me online unless he wants to show me some gal he is fucking. Anyway, I answered and saw him at home, bare bodied. The poor guy has broken his leg while riding a dirt bike and is resting at home. He gave me a quick update on the fall and how he broke his leg. Knowing him, he wouldn't be lonely and true enough, a while later I heard someone come into his apartment. The gal was dressed in light green nurse's uniform. He said she was the nurse who attended to him when he stayed 2 days in the hospital and in the typical Mark manner, he managed to charm her into bed. He asked her to come and say hello into the cam. After the hello, she brought him something to drink and I could see Mark's hand go under her dress to fondle her as she stood at his side. She was obviously enjoying it but walked off a while later. Mark smiled and told me how he seduced her in the hospital. He stayed in a private room and she had to help him around, including going to the toilet and helping him with his bath. He is not shy about his body and doesn't blink an eye about going naked infront of others. He flirted with her the moment he was admitted into the hospital and didn't take long for him to be sure that she was ready for more.

She returned with a bowl of porridge and sat next to him to feed him as he continued to chat with me. Mark slowly unbuttoned her dress and removed her bra, then parted her dress to fondle her boobs. She was moaning a bit and getting hornier. Her hand was obviously stroking his dick while waiting for him to finish each mouthful. Then she slipped her dress off her slim body leaving her panty, which Mark immediately pulled off. She then straddled him, positioned herself over his dick and sat on him with a loud moan. She then picked up the bowl and continued to feed him while his hands played with her boobs. I joked to Mark that I want her for my nurse too and he laughed loudly . She smiled and pretended to be annoyed with him while enjoying his dick inside her. Soon he finished his dinner and they continued their fuck, totally oblivious to me watching over the cam. After the fuck, the gal said goodbye, got dressed and left for work - the night shift at the hospital.

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