Home run...  

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Home run...

[continued from the previous post - Osaka Romp ( II )]

The night was far from over. The gals got bored with the porn video after a while, complaining that Japanese AV (Adult Video) always shows the guys enjoying themselves at the expense of the gals, and the moves are always the same. Rei took out a DVD from her bag which she said was sent to her by her friend in the US. We popped it into my notebook's DVD drive and hooked it up to the tv. The main star of the movie is a Japanese AV actress who moved to California, to the porn industry there. Can't remember what the name was after Rei mentioned it in passing. The show started with a scene in a news box in a baseball stadium with this busty reporter covering the match, dressed in a business suit with skirt that was too short, jacket too small with boobs bursting out. As the game tempo builds up, she was standing and leaning forward with a binoculars scanning the pitch and running a fast commentary. Then the focus swung to her assistant and cameraman sitting next to her, and the story converged on his thoughts and fantasy. He made his move on ther reporter, approaching her from behind. One arm went around her waist while his other hand slipped under his skirt. She resisted feebly as she continued with the commentary on the game. After fingering her pussy for a while, he pulled off her short skirt and panty leaving her bare butt exposed. His tongue joined in and licked her pussy as he continued to finger her. By now, she was not able to say much and was moaning a lot. The scene changed to a view from the stadium looking up towards the news box where she was and showed her still holding the binoculars and mike. Then, we catch a glimpse of a shadow move behind her. The angle swung back to inside the news box which now showed the guy fucking her from behind, with her bent forward leaning against the edge of the news box. The noise from the stadium was deafening, drowning out her moans, groans and screams as the guy rammed his huge cock in and out of her pussy. The action on the field was heating up too, and the batting team now has all the bases filled and their top batter is up next. He hit... and the reporter was shouting "YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!....YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!.....YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!" "YEEESSSSSSSSS........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" as she and the guy cummed together. Suddenly, the guy was startled out of his fantasy by the reporter who was cheering with spectators celebrating a home run. Her "YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!..." was refering to the ball flying high and far after it was hit and all the players from the bases running home. That was the end of his little fantasy.

Next, the movie showed this reporter interviewing the manager of the winning team and then going to the changing room with him to interview some of the team players. The interview soon became a gang bang with the entire team of hunks with huge dicks fucking the reporter while her cameraman assistant films the whole event.

The last scene of the movie was about the cameraman editing the footage and the reporter coming in to see what he is doing. He then showed her the entire footage of her being gang banged in the changing room and hinted to her that he would leak that out, unless she agreed to some arrangements with him. She readily agreed to the arrangements when she saw how big his dick was and the cameraman eventually had his fantasy come true - fucking the reporter.

I didn't get much chance to view the video as the gals were busy sucking my dick or riding me. They weren't too keen on the movie as they have seen it before. Guess it was more for getting them into the right horny mood again for more sex

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