Gina's friend Tika  

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7/18/2006 9:44 am
Gina's friend Tika

The next day, Gina cleared her table and completed her clearance. In the evening, she came into my office carrying a small box containing her things. She asked me for a ride to her home which i gladly agreed. As soon as we got into her flat, i put her box down and hugged her from behind. my hands fondled her body and I kissed her neck and bare back. SHe was wearing a body hugging halter dress. she quickly pulled my clothes off and let me loosen her strap of her dress, which fell to a pile at her feet. She faced the wall, leaning forward and pushing her bums back, offering her juicy pussy to me. I rubbed the tip of my dick on her wet pussy lips, teasing her for a while before easing it in. She moaned in pleasure enjoying the feeling of my thick dick in her love canal. "Ohhhh Simon...... I am going to miss you ....." she moaned. "I am going to miss you too, baby..." i replied as I fucked her hard. I held her boobs firmly as I thrust my hips upwards, pumping my dick deep into her pussy. We fucked in that position for a while, totally engrossed. Suddenly, the door opened and a slender tanned gal came in, carrying some bags. She did not notice us until she closed the door and looked up. "Oh..." she was speechless for while, then recovered and smile. "Hi Gina. don't mean to interrupt." she came forward to give Gina a peck on the cheek. "Tika, this is SImon." I extended my hand which she shook/ "Nice to meet you, Simon" "I heard so much about you from Gina and hope to get to know you better later" she winked. That remark made me hornier and I pumped Gina harder, making her moan louder and begging me to fuck her harder. Tika went about her chores while Gina and I fucked. I turned Gina around and lifted one leg up, leaning her sideways against the wall. She wrapped her leg over my hips as I pumped her sideways. I then lifted her up with my dick inside her and carried her to the sofa. We settled down and she rode me fast and hard. She pulled my face onto her boobs, making me suck them. Tika took a shower and came out later wrapped in a towel. She sat down beside us and looked at us. "How long can you guys fuck... you have at it for almost an hour..." As she sat sideways, her towel part, exposing her pussy. "depends on Gina, she is a horny babe" I replied. "yeah, i know. she fucked those 3 trainers at the gym one night and went home with them to fuck more. they called their friends over and they banged her over the weekend." i looked at Gina who just smiled. "How many?" I asked. "Seven, all hunks" was the answer. I guess the recollection of her gangbang brought her to her peak. i was still hard when she got off me. Tika eyed my hard dick, wet with Gina's juices. She leaned over to kiss me and her hand wrapped around my wet hard dick, stroking it slowly. I pulled her towel off. She had a nice slim body like Gina. Her boobs were longish torpedo shaped, with large dark nipples. I placed my hand on her pussy and fondled her swollen clit, then slipped a few fingers in, probing for her g-spot. She moaned. I fingered her harder and she moaned even louder. i then pulled her boobs to suck, nice bigger dark nipples which i sucked and chewed gently. "Fuck me, Simon... fuck me like u fuck Gina..." she pleaded. She slowly eased herself over me and eased the tip of my dick towards her lips. She pulled my fingers out of her pussy and pushed my dick in, then sat on me. Her pussy was tighter than Gina's. Gina's juices on my dick plus her own juices made the penetration easier, though i could feel my dick being clenched by her tight pussy. She cummed from the entry and dugged her fingers into my shoulder. Her torpedo-shaped boobs bounced infront of my face as she rode me wildly, grinding her hips back and forth, enjoying my thick cock sliding in and out of her pussy. "Damn, Simon... no wonder Gina fucks u so much!" I grabbed her bums and pulled her towards me, and my dick deep into her. She screamed each time my dick pressed against the back of her pussy. AFter riding me for a while she became tired. So, we changed positions. I made her lean over the sofa and entered her from behind. She enjoyed this doggie position as much as I did, moaning loudly with each of my thrust. This position makes me peak rather quickly and soon, my cum burst into her pussy together with her pussy juices as she cummed with me. i took my dick out to let her suck and lick my cum... she sucks cock as well as Gina

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