A Stroll on Tanjong Beach  

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6/18/2006 10:47 pm

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A Stroll on Tanjong Beach

I was busy reviewing a report when my parents asked me to accompany them to a gathering organized by some relatives at a chalet on Sentosa. I wasn't too keen on such gatherings but I thought I would excuse myself later to go down to the beach; there are usually lots of flesh on the beach on weekends and it would be a sin not to watch them since they go there to be watched and not get wet. We arrived at the chalet at about 3pm when it started to rain but it didn't last long. By about 3.30pm, the rain had stopped and I drove down to Tanjong Beach. Probably due to the rain, the beach wasn't that crowded as I expected. I strolled around the beach chairs infront of KM8 pub, but the scenery was rather disappointing. Further down the beach seems to be more exciting with a few bikini clad gals playing frisbee with their dogs. I decided to just sit on the sand and enjoy the sea breeze. The beach seems to have become an area where people walk their dogs as I noticed more than half of those there have dogs with them. Just then, I noticed a black dog being walked by a slender lady, long wavy brown hair, wearing a flowery thin wrap-around dress which was plastered to her body by the strong breeze. She had a very nice posture - chest out, stomach in, slender legs, long hair flowing in the wind... looking much like a scene from a romantic movie.

She was walking away from me, so I just enjoyed her shapely silhouette from behind for while before turning back to the sea. My gazing was then interrupted by a dog sniffing at me. I turned around and looked straight into the nozzle of the black dog, starlting both myself and the dog which backed away quickly. "I am so sorry..." his owner apologized. I was pleasantly surprised to know that it was the lady whom I had been watching earlier but she wasn't as young as I expected. She appeared to be in her 40s, although her body and figure could put most of the other gals on the beach to shame. "No problem" I replied immediately and smiling. "I love dogs..." I said and patted her dog which took a liking to me and started licking me. "He likes you." she said and we laughed together in agreement. "You don't come her often do you?" she asked. I certainly haven't been to the Sentosa beaches recently, especially in the day. I visit Tanjong Beach mostly at night and with a gal for some hot steamy romp in the car. "I come here to walk my dog every weekend but I haven't seen you." she said. Her dog certainly facilitated the acquaintance. "You look like you need to come her more often" she commented. "You have a good physique but too fair." which was very true as I spend a fair amount of time in the gym but hardly outdoors nowadays. We decided to walk together along the beach with the dog and chatted like old friends. Soon, we reached the far end of the beach, away from the crowded area near KM8. We walked out to the breakwater (see pic taken from KM8 ), around the trees and bushes, looking out to the sea. We looked around for a shady spot to rest and found a grass mat. There were some stains on the mat which looked like someone had been having some fun on it previously and forgotten to take it along after they were done. I picked it up to shake away the sand and laid it down for us to sit. She tied her dog to a tree where it snuggled down to rest.

She came back to the mat where I had already sat down and looked around, checking out the surroundings. "I like it here... away from the crowd and prying eyes..." she commented, before unfastening her wrap around and pulling it off to reveal a black thong bikini. My eyes almost popped out and my groin stirred. Her body was slim, tanned and firm, and she has nice big boobs which didn't show any signs of sagging. Her nipples were clearly straining against the thin bikini fabric, and as she turned around to sit down, I could see her entire back, bottoms, legs, etc. I was wearing a satin basketball shorts which was wet from my short dip in the sea earlier and clinging to my body. As there was an inner liner, I did not wear any underwear, which didn't help to hide my erection at all. In fact, the wet material made it more obvious and she certainly noticed it. I tried not to look at her as we chatted and joked, oblivious of time.

The day had been rather cloudy which made it less hot and more bearable. As it got darker, the breeze became cooler too. By now, we were laying back, and looking at the sky. She turned towards me and placed her hand on my chest, gently caressing downwards. My dick reacted in anticipation as her hand lingered on my midriff for a while then moved lower. She used her finger tips to trace around the bulge as she looked into my eyes and smiled. Her hand pulled the cord loose and slipped under the waist band of my short, sizing my hard dick with her palm, fondling, tracing the crown with her finger tips... she wiped the pre-cum off my dick, pulled her hand out and licked it. "Hmmm....." she leaned towards me and kissed me, tongue probing for mine. She continued to kiss downwards, licking my nipples, nibbling on my midriff, before stopping over my dick. I raised my hips to let her pull my shorts off. She wrapped both hands on my dick and cradled my balls. "Hmmmm..... nice thick cock....I love thick cocks..." She climbed over my body and straddled me, placing her pussy on my face, as she wrapped her lips on the crown of my dick. Slowly, she took my dick into her mouth, deep-throating it expertly. Her bikini was wet with her pussy juices as she rubbed it on my face. I pushed back, using my nose to dig into her pussy through the thin fabric of her bikini. I pulled off her bikini bottom to lick her pussy. Her cleanly shaven pussy was wet. I licked her juices and fucked her with 3 fingers, probing and digging for her g-spot. Her hips jerked accompanied by a loud moan each time my fingers came into contact with her g-spot. She cummed many times over my face.

She was giving me a great blowjob and I didn't want to cum before i get a chance to fuck her. So, i pulled her away and got her to straddle me. She understood my intentions. She held my dick and used her pussy lips to rub along its length, coating it with her juices, before sitting on it, sending it fast and deep into her. Her hands gripped my shoulders tightly as she cummed from that suddenly invasion of her pussy. I pulled off her bikini top. Her boobs were great and showed hardly any sagging considering the size and what I guess of her age. I held her tightly around her waist with one arm while my other hand grabbed one boob and my mouth sucked the other. She thrust her hip hard and fast to fuck me, making my cock slide in and out, like a piston. She moaned endlessly, mixed with "yes... yes... yes... fuck me... fuck me..." In actual fact, it was she who was fucking me while i just enjoyed the pleasure. It was soon quite dark. I noticed that she was becomng tired, so we changed position. She got on fours for me to enter her from the rear in doggie position. I supported myself with one arm while I fondled her boobs using the other and fucked her. I pumped her deep with varying rhythm, and because her pussy was so wet, my dick slipped out occasionally. She was ready with her hand to put it back in for me to continue fucking her. The pleasure was great and I soon peaked. My cum burst into her pussy, together with her final orgasm.

After a short rest, we walked down to the sea to wash and a short skinny dip. It was dark so we weren't too concern about anyone seeing us. I tried to get her phone number before we parted but she refused to give it to me. Her parting words were... "don't worry honey, we'll fuck again if we meet..." I don't even know her name. Well, I guess I should visit Sentosa more often now...

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