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My favorite CD fantasy

Part 3 revised

We hop into Greg’s car and away we go, his hand on top of mine most of the way, and on my thigh the rest, and a little higher when the big trucks go by giving them all a thrill, if they only knew. After a thirty minute drive we arrive at the mall. We get out and I slip my arm around Greg as he slides his arm over my shoulders. We walk through the parking lot. It fascinates to me; there are other people coming and going and no one seems to look at me any different than any other woman. The first stop we make at the mall is Macy’s. Greg notices that I am enjoying all of this. He says to me “It won’t be long before you will want to do this all the time”. I look at him and smile. We wander around the store looking at lingerie. He holds stuff up against me, I would blush, and giggle, my clittie begins to join in the fun. “Here, how about trying on this skirt and blouse together?” he says. It is a plaid Catholic school girl skirt and white blouse that ties at the bottom. Greg takes my hand and guides me into the dressing room; he quickly closes the door with both of us inside. “Greg!” I squeak, “Were going to get in trouble!” “Shhhhh!” he pulls me to him and carefully kisses me. He lifts up my sweater to remove it; I cooperate and unbutton my jeans. Greg starts to roll down my thong, and I freeze! “Shush, sweetie” he whispers. “You are starting to show!” He puts his lips on my rising little clittie; he sucks only on the helmet. I slowly lose myself in ecstasy. In seconds, I’m panting, getting flushed red as a beet! I lean against the wall of the enclosure;”Oh God!” I pant. He licks the underside; slowly; he moves his lips and tongue over the head. (Oh my God, this is heavenly!) I have goose bumps over my entire body; inside and out! My head spins; my heart is beating 1000 beats a minute. “Uh, oh, oh” “Ahhha...ahhha...” I groan. “That tickles!” he licks the underside of the helmet. My toes curl up and my hands clench into fists; I feel waves of wondrous agony wash over me from my head to my toes. I bite my lip trying not to scream! I try to hold back but I lose myself and release my seed in a slow, steady stream into Greg’s mouth. He holds my clittie in his mouth as I slowly regain my senses. He moves up and kisses me, and pulls me close. He gives me a kiss and a smile. “Shall we?” I whine, “Do we have to?” I slowly put on the skirt and blouse and knot it in front and wink at him; Greg opens the door and I model for him; I give myself a little twirl. Teasingly I flip up the rear of the skirt to flash Greg my thong. The clerk, Mrs. Bitchmore, is looking over her ‘60’s glasses at me. “It looks good on you sweetie.” she croaks. Greg says, “We’ll take it, and she’d like to wear it home.” (She would?) I think to myself. (I guess the loss of part of one’s self is part of being in love. It must be part of nature’s plan. I find myself having nothing to say when Greg makes a decision for me. I just go along, sweetly, as if I don’t have a thought in my head about anything but Greg. It seems all of my choices in life have flowed over to Greg, as I follow his lead like a love-struck puppy!) We wander over to Sears, into the nylons and things. Greg picks out some white stockings with seams on them. He pays for them and I ask the sales girl if I could put them on here; she smiles and gives me the key to the dressing rooms. Greg leaves to get me some shoes. (I hope that he gets the right size.) Returning Greg hands me some black 3 inch strappy sandals. (Perfect!) I think as I put them on. Having spent most of the after noon in the mall it’s time to go. We hold hands as we make our way to the parking lot. I am so excited as we stuff the things he had gotten me into the car. We decide to go to a movie; Greg says there is a drive in close by. (I do not care what is playing; I just want to be with him.) Once at the drive-in; he has me slide over next to him. We kiss from time to time, as the movie starts it seems we have nothing better to do; but to kiss. We kiss and touch each other all over; I slide my leg up and over his as we kiss. I slide up his body until I am nearly lying on top of him. Greg touches me all over, he feels my ass: explores my tits: our kissing and petting gets hotter and hotter. I say to him; “I want to suck It.” he smiles and drops his seat back; he slips his pants and underwear down to his knees. I can see his very hard cock sticking straight up. I wet my lips and he puts his hand behind my head. He says, “Baby; just take your time.” I lick the head. He says to me “suck it; put it in your mouth.” I open up and take him into my mouth. I put my left hand on his thigh and the other one jerks up and down his shaft. I build suction on his cock head. With his hand He urges my head down; not enough to gag me just enough to make me feel submissive to his need of being sucked off. I keep my hands and lips working on him when powerful bursts of sperm shoot the back of my throat. I keep sucking and pumping him up and down his shaft; I swallow, suck and swallow till he is done. He pulls me up and kisses me; I share some of his spunk with him. He says “Baby! You are so good.” he asks “did you like that?” I nod and smile. I say “Yah; I liked that a lot.” “Good; I am glad you like it.” He pulls his pants up and we compose ourselves so we can watch the rest of the movie. I have to use the bathroom real bad so I ask Greg if he will walk with me. We start toward the bathroom area of the drive-in; I learn that you do not wear heels where there is gravel! To keep me from falling; He has to hold on to me the whole way. I open the women’s bathroom door and take a deep breath and walk in. I am glad there are no lines for a stall. There are two in use but I wait until they both leave before I start to pee. I take care of business and make my way out as quickly as possible. The first movie has just ended; there are women and girls streaming into the restroom. I try to stay as calm as I can; hoping they don’t notice me. I see Greg by the snack shop waiting for me. I walk over to him; He slides his arm around me and we walk to the car. I tell Greg that I don’t want to watch the next movie. He agrees and we leave the theater area. The drive back to his place seems to pass much quicker with the anticipation of what the rest of the night in stores.
We get to his place at around 11:00pm. I go into the bathroom and even though nothing was said about us having more sex. I prepare myself for it anyways. (I am not looking forward to getting fucked again tonight, my ass is very sore since I have been fucked and fingered several times already and I only started getting dick in my ass yesterday.) (I hope he only wants me to give him a blowjob but I am going to give him whatever he wants. I want to be his girlfriend and what I have he can have anytime he wants it.) I douche and lube myself. I slip into that very sexy silk baby doll nightgown that I have been saving of just the right occasion. It is white and has lace around the breasts, a deep plunging “V” back that goes just above the crack of my ass. I turn and check myself out in the mirror, I think to myself (Oh my god! he is going to fuck me, I just know it.) I walk into the bedroom where Greg is taking off his pants. I sit on the bed and slip my legs under the sheets. He slips his shorts off and I stare at his very erect penis that is bouncing up and down. I keep staring at his body and very stiff cock as he takes off his shirt. I have to admit the thought of him fucking me suddenly has me breathing heavy and becoming very aroused. He slips under the sheets next to me. We kiss very passionately. The kissing is so soft and loving it is pleasing all by itself. I feel his legs gently touching my balls as he gently makes humping motions on me. I am very horny now his kissing me like this has made my ass ache for him to penetrate me again. My hands caresses up his strong muscular arms and around his neck. My fingernails rake into his sexy hair while our tongues gently probe around each other’s mouths. He says to me “baby, I am going to make love to you tonight. I want you to see how much I care about you and want you to be my girlfriend.” He then nuzzles and kisses my ear. He rubs my nipple through my nightgown. “Let’s take this off; shall we?” Greg grabs the bottom hem of my nightie and lifts it over my head. He lets it fall to the floor next to the bed while he slowly massages my boobies and rolls the nipples in his fingers. He leans down and gently suckles on my boobie; my hips undulate anticipating the thorough fucking to come. Greg moans “Oh Baby! I do love your little boobies.”
I roll Greg on to his back as I give him a big juicy kiss; I slowly crawl on top of him straddling his thighs! I unbutton his boxers and frantically try to pull them down and off. Greg’s eyes are full of laughter and surprise as he helps me with his underwear. I pull my thong off and toss it to the floor next to the nightie. I am a wanton boy-woman! (Damn, he is hard as a rock already! What did I do to deserve a man like this?) I think, as I move my head down and engulf his cock with my mouth and begin sucking and tonguing his penis. Greg moans “Oh baby!” I look up into his eyes; I slowly slither up Greg’s body tasting and kissing every inch until I bury my tongue into his mouth. I reach between us and position his cock at my eagerly waiting pussy hole. I slowly ease back into Greg’s rod and begin to impale my self. I lift myself up and push back a little harder; I feel the head of his cock pierce my all ready sore and used opening. I collapse onto his chest, savoring the feel of my boyfriend being inside me. Greg reaches up and hugs me close to him. His hands wander down; he squeezes my buttocks and lifts his hips pushing more of himself into me. Greg’s hand move up my sides, he pushes me until I am sitting up, he plays with my nipples, driving me to the edge. I slowly lift myself up and push down on to his cock, impaling myself more with each down stoke. I repeat the process with more and more urgent wantonness. I feel Greg’s cock getting harder, he thrusts up into my pussy in pace with my down strokes. I am screaming inside with ecstasy! My entire body is alive and tickling inside and out! My toes clench tightly, as my pussy squeezes him in rhythm to our thrusting. His thick up-sloped tool is just perfect for rubbing my insides with just the perfect motion. "Oh, please, please, Oh Yes!" I gasp, as I shoot cum all over Greg’s belly. Gasping for breath, I lay myself gently down into Greg's waiting arms. I kiss his wonderful sweet, gorgeous, loveable lips. He squeezes me hard and I lay my head on his shoulder. I think to my self (nobody touched my cock and I came. Wow! That was a first. Was that what they call an prostate orgasm?)
Greg slides out from under me; his still hard dick slips out of me with a loud plop. He rolls me onto my back and climbs between my thighs. He reaches under my knees and lifts them onto his shoulders. I feel him guide his cock to my hole and with one smooth thrust; he buries himself completely into me. I gasp and moan when I feel his balls slap against my ass as he pulls him self out until only the head remains in me then drives his entire length back into me. Greg says to me “Honey; I am going to make you so loose tonight! You will never forget me.” He pulls him self completely out and looks at my gaping hole. He rolls me over onto my knees; Greg grabs a pillow and places it under me. He pushes down on my shoulders until my hips and buttocks are straight up in the air, I think, (is this what they mean by pillow biter?) he then positions him self behind me. Straddling my legs he lifts one of his knees up until it is about even with the back of my shoulder. He sinks his dick back into me with two long hard thrusts. “Ugh! Ugh!” In this position, his cock goes so deep that it feels like he is entering my stomach. Greg thrusts deep and stops; he pulls his other leg up until he has a leg on each side of me. I hold my breath. “Oh! Ugh! Ugh! Greg you are so deep! You are going to split me apart.” I moan as my back rounds up and I try to pull away from him. Greg grabs my shoulders to stop my escape, leans over me and whispers in my ear “Do you like it? Do you like it when I fuck you like my woman, baby?” “Ugh! Hugh!” I grunt back to him. Greg grabs my hips and steadies himself. He thrusts into me slowly increasing his tempo until he is plowing the full length of his cock in and out of my ass. Greg moans "oh baby your ass is so good! It feels like I am fucking you in your pussy." The bed groans and squeaks as he pounds my ass with his eight-inch cock. I know he will soon be Cumming. Greg gasps “I am going to cum; all over your ass baby.” Just the thought of it excites me and I reach back and pull my ass cheeks apart. He suddenly pulls out of me, squirting and saying “o yeah! That shot right into your hole!” I keep my hands on my cheeks holding them apart; he shoots two more squirts onto my crack and into my gaping hole. He says to me as he jacks himself and smears the head of his cock on my ass. “Baby; you are so good; I do love seeing my cum shoot right into your hole.” I can feel his seed start to run wetly down my thighs, and the back my legs. My crack feels like it is completely awash with Greg’s sperm.
Greg rolls me onto my back; he positions the pillow under my hips and climbs on top of me, my legs wrap around his hips. Greg leans down and kisses me, his tongue enters my mouth at the same time his still hard cock enters my loose, wet pussy hole. He kisses me slowly letting our tongues intertwine while he rests his cock deep inside of me. I think to myself (I can’t believe that he is still hard. He hasn’t stayed hard before did he take some thing?) Greg’s slow short thrust brings that wonderful tingly sensation back to my girl pussy. I break the kiss; I look up into his eyes and whisper, “Oh Greg, I love how you make me feel. I love what you have done with me this weekend. I just wish that it would never end.” He responds, “Honey, I will be back, you will be my girl when ever I am in town.” I smile and hug him, I squeeze my pussy muscles as hard as I can and moan, “I love you!” Greg raises himself until his weight is supported on his elbows; his thrusts lengthen sending waves of tingly pleasure from the top of my head all the way to my toes. I try to grip Greg's dick with my pussy muscles as he pushes and pulls in and out of me. I slip my arms beneath his and up to his shoulders. I squeeze lifting my self up to his chest; I lightly bite and suck on his collarbone with each thrust he makes into me. My legs quiver and shake, my toes curl trying to pull him completely in to me. Greg drives his cock really deep into me; he repeats his deep thrusts several more times and groans! I feel his cock throbbing then a delicious 'wet' feeling spreads deep inside my belly as his cum starts to spurt inside me; coating the walls of my rectum! I shriek as his throbbing orgasm sends me over the top. I shudder; my whole body spasms my orgasm rises from deep within me; it gushes and pours out in a steady stream of relief! I feel like I’m being tickled with a thousand feathers. This is the second time in my life that I have experienced such heights of passion! I feel so satisfied, and so filled, yet I feel like crying. I feel so feminine as I lay there on my back, his cock soaking in my rectum. I love how good it feels to have him on top of me and in me. Greg sinks down on top of me; his full weight pushes me into the mattress and his chin rests near the top of my head. His heavy breaths vibrate through my body as it feels like very inch of our skin is touching. Greg drifts off into a light sleep laying on me. He feels me move underneath him and wakens. His once hard dick softens; and he gently slides off and out of his sweetie, his duty done. I slip out of bed, and grab some panties; gradually I make my way to the bathroom; my legs shake uncontrollably they feel so week. Walking I can feel globs of Greg’s cum sliding down my thighs as it leaks from my stretched hole. It feels so feminine to have Greg’s cum dripping down my thighs. I clean my self up and pull my panties and nightie back on. I return and slide back into bed next to Greg; taking me into his arms; he kisses me. I am so emotionally drained, and my body is so sore. Yet I feel ever so loved. I feel like a sexy love object. I feel completely feminine. We drift off into blissful but exhausted sleep; holding each other in one another's arms.
End of part 3

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