Why do these things always happen to me?  

silvertongue65 53M
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7/19/2005 1:23 pm

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Why do these things always happen to me?

The following blog entry is a rant. This means it is totally opinionated and not necessarily based on fact or reality. Readers are warned to proceed at their own risk.

Why do these things always happen to me?
I am tired of falling into these traps. I am tired or being suckered in, of letting myself be suckered in to other peoples' heart-aches. Why should I waste any tears for people I barely know? Why do I care? Isn't it enough to be a good person and offer polite sympathy? To put a few bucks in the company charity box? Do I have to get involved? It's not like I really care what other people think of me. I am not bothered by rumors or shop-talk around the water cooler.
The fact is: I DO care. I am a lover. I am a social animal. If I like someone, I am not just sympathetic, I am empathetic, and sometime it becomes the point of obsession. I lose my psychic self-defenses and open up my heart and soul to the world... or at least a part of it. And thank god I am strong enough, or it would have destroyed me long ago. Or maybe it already has, and this insanity I am living with is just a tangible memory of the me I used to be.

This rant has been brought to you by Silvertongue65. If this had been a real emergency, your computer would have exploded

rm_txrose4uNTX 59F
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7/20/2005 9:14 am

Thank goodness for people like you. I am the same way. I have leant my ear to soooo many folks in my lifetime. Do I have something written on my forhead that says this person really listens to you??? I think not. Sometimes, perhaps it is an aura that is sent??? Who knows. But, all in all, I have enjoyed talking with folks -- strangers even who have felt to bare all their souls to me....sometimes, listening to them also puts things into perspective for me as well....

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