Share... for all the bi-sexual ladies.  

silverlord69 34M
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5/1/2006 6:19 pm
Share... for all the bi-sexual ladies.

[SPossessiveness clouds your eyes Where there should be noneYou percieve a threat....a threat to your stake in meYou need not worry,our relationship is strongMy desire is to in factbroaden our relationshipMy interest is her, differsfrom my interest in youI don't wish to make her my ownI want to share her....with you Her licking and lappinghoney our of your navelwhile I nudge on your cervixwith the scene-enhanced hard-onthat we have createdLet her move to your nipples as you near orgasm....Come for me Then taste your cream as she does the samemount me and look her in her facefind in her, further proof of my oral skillsbe polite and return her thefavors done to your breast,Come again Let us switch, lay on your back....let our guest stroke you with a vibratorI'll tend to her from behindHow does the vibrator fell withher added oral attention to your clit?Come Let me sit down in the corner of the room,smoke a fat cigar, and stroke my poleas I watch you ladies sixty-nineWith hard dick in hand,I gaze at the scene through low eyesand know.... LIVE IS LIFE....and life is good IZE 2]

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