Feelin' Strange  

silverhawk762 52M/48F
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8/16/2006 9:51 am
Feelin' Strange

(Ok, this is the second time I've tried to enter this one. Not only am I feeling strange, evidently my computer is, as well!!!!)

Could be the new glasses causing me to feel like this - I can see now!!!! It's taking a while to adjust to them, though. Must be gettin' older - never old, mind you, but older!

Strange dreams, dreams I can only remember vague bits and pieces of, have been plagueing me. Maybe it was the taking-out-the-mental-trash binge the other night that caused it. I think I may have stirred the pot on a few memories that need to stay in the dark for a while longer. Of course, maybe it was just that I didn't use enough tequila when I opened the mental Pandora's Box. There are things in every person's mind and memory that are eased by the judicious use of a little mind-numbing, liquid cold-fire. I may have been a little conservative in my estimation of "judicious".

Strange things - my computer has developed a very uncooperative attitude this week. Damn thing thinks it knows me better than I do, and doesn't want to keep anything that I've written over the past few days. A sledgehammer is sounding more and more like the appropriate remedy to this situation. Reasoning with it hasn't yet worked, so the 5lb sledge is sitting beside the desk - just in case! (just kidding, please don't delete this again, oh wonderful machine!)

Listening to a lot of John Mayer, Santana and the Eagles lately - John Mayer has one on "Heavier Things" called "Something's Missing" that's certainly appropriate right now. Kind of moody...

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