We all die sometime  

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10/12/2005 12:11 am

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We all die sometime

I was at home and feeling a bit tired. I did not want to mess with working out, though I should. I've let myself get a tad out of shape. Nothing bad but not where I want to be. I sometimes even feel guilty about scrafing down a #2 whataburger meal at 3 in the am after a night of drinking. But not often.

But i've been thinking. You only live once. I don't buy into reincarnation and not being a religious or spiritual person I also don't believe in the afterlife. If it does not matter in the end, because there is just the end and nothing more, then why am I settings limitations of anykind for myself. I should eat what I want, fuck when I want, piss off when I want.

It would be a much richer life, for me, to experience the lows and highs. Just to know. Becuase if my beliefs hold true and once I pass away thats it I would feel a bit of regret in not doing certain things, pointless things, whatever.

Punching the doorman at a club for not letting me in because I was 'not cool'. Droping a hot pot of coffee on my bosses lap when he steals my ideas or gives me a raise that can't even pay for a supersize upgrade.

That sort of thing. I don't know...maybe I'm just tired. I guess I will see.

I almost forgot to finish my damn list of 100 Things About Me. So here are the last ten. Enjoy.

10. I do not wish to be buried. Fire my ass up!
9. I don't plan on retirement, not becuase I can't, but becuase I would go nuts not knowing what to do.
8. I have regrets about some of the lies I've told.
7. I do not believe in luck, karma, or anything suspersticious like that. I do believe in the randomness of the universe.
6. I've never tested my I.Q.
5. I went down on a girl at a party in the bathroom.
4. I've never been to jail. Fuck the POLICE!
3. I once went two weeks without a shower...I WAS CAMPING!!!!
2. I believe the meek shall never inherit the earth, the powerful will continue to subdue til the end.
1. I still don't know what the hell to do with my life.

Jesus! I am depressed now. I'm gonna go continue my progress towards the inevitable. It's miller time and a cancer stick.

See Ya!

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