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7/31/2006 9:41 am

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An old man was sitting on a bench at the mall. A young man walked up to the bench and sat down. He had spiked hair in all different colors -- green, red, orange, blue and yellow. The old man just stared and stared. Every time the young man looked, the old man was staring. The young man finally said sarcastically, "What's the matter old timer, never done anything wild in your life?" Without batting an eye, the old man replied, "Got drunk once and had sex with a peacock. I was wondering if you were my son."

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i like that it is pretty good

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4/3/2007 4:16 pm

Makes you raise an eyebrow and go, hmmmm.

Children learn from what they see not from what they are told.
Wise adults will do the same.

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