Funny things overheard in NYC  

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Funny things overheard in NYC

Funny things overheard in NYC
Hobo: I'm sick of this city, I tell you. Please help me get out of here...Hey, did you just give me 2 pennies?
Guy: 3, actually.
Hobo: Ah, motherfucker! What the hell am I going to do with this?

--Times Square

Guy: It was hot, I can't even tell you.
Girl: So you guys slept together?
Guy: Oh yeah, it was hot.
Girl: 'cause I talked to her this morning and she said you guys just cuddled and stuff.
Guy: Yeah, yeah, that's what I meant by sleeping with her. Y'know, spooning and shit.

--MetroTech Commons

Crazy lady: I hate my fucking mother and I want to kill her. I want to watch her bleed. She is a fat lazy bitch. She was nothing but a container!
Guy: God will not forgive you if you kill your mother. Can you also keep it down please?

--PATH train

Chinese girl: I hate it when non-Chinese people make my Chinese food.
Puerto Rican guy: Yeah, when Chinese people make it, it tastes like greed.
Chinese girl: What did you say?
Puerto Rican guy: Relax. Italian food tastes like lazy complacency.

--49th & Broadway

Preppy guy: Hey, man, you got a cigarette?
Hobo: I'm fuckin' homeless and you're asking me for a cigarette?

--Bryant Park

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