inaudible communication  

siamsammy135 47M
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7/13/2006 10:49 am
inaudible communication


a couple buds and i went out last night to a latino bar. being asian, my spanish is piss poor at best and my minute ability for speech far exceeds my ability to comprehend conversation. it astonishes me how much physical and visual communication gets the point across. it even seems to make the moment even more intense. who knows maybe it was the beer and maybe i was dillusional. there were some very beautiful ladies in the bar and my latin friends were giving me quite a show as they were working their charms on these ladies. my deaf, dumb and mute self was just sitting back enjoying the show, but for some reason...i seemed to be a mysterious magnet for a few of the ladies. talk about challenging trying to get my ideas across to these women. i might have made a fool of myself, but from the reactions of one in particular; i think i must have done something right. without going into details, it was truly an enjoyable event. i went home with a smile. now, if i can figure out how to have a conversation with her, i might have a good "friend" to spend some worthwhile time with.

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