Confessions of a Nippleholic  

shyster13202 53M
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8/24/2006 1:10 pm
Confessions of a Nippleholic

Ok it’s now official, I’m a lecher or a perv or other vernacular of the day. All the Co Ed’s from Syracuse University are back in town and my office is near one of their favorite gathering places. I just sat outside most of the afternoon leering at those beautiful young ladies. Worse yet, I took Tuesday off and went to Six Flags near Buffalo. There their were young ladies under 18 I’m sure in the skimpiest bikinis add the cold water from the water rides and you get the picture. I had to force myself to look away because I was giving myself the creeps. I think I am a nippleholic. Do you think there is a 12 step program for me?

Its so bad, the last time I was in Columbus I took the attorney I was meeting and her husband out to dinner. The attorney, an attractive woman with maybe just b cup breasts was wearing a v neck type of shirt sitting directly across the table from me. Every time she would lean forward just a bit to talk, I’d be trying to see down her blouse. Just a peek mind you, but still I’m thinking to myself, dude, you have to work with her to get this project finished and her husband is sitting right here, what’s wrong with you? The only answer was I don’t care I might see her tits. I either need a program or several women who will go topless for me for months on end. I vote for the second option.

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