Who is the freak?  

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4/28/2006 12:16 am

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Who is the freak?

Ok so I get this hate mail from a guy who says he has to consider if I have a soul before he considers if he is attracted to me because atheists blah blah blah. I wanted to answer; like dude You are so not invited to my party - step off... but he blocked incoming messages from me. I think it's funny. I understand exchanging a few hateful mails and THEN ignoring the other person. But I do think it is random to cruise cyber space, a sex site at that, looking for atheists, sending them hate mail and then blocking their responses before you can even get them. Was he scared my response would shake his faith? Random.

I find it strange that so many here are obviously getting off on hate and aggression, BUT it does help me to understand how I may have become scarred as far as it pertains to sex when I see so many abusing and hating here. And before the S&M-junkies and doms come running to say "but some people like it," I KNOW and i think it's all good when it's mutual, it's the cyber-aggressors/molestors that puzzle me.
The thing is it can't *just* be me who gets hate mail, even though I am now a bit of a target with the feet. I know other women on this site (yep boys, surprise! some of us do make contacts aside from just a quick bonk in the night here,) who also got/get hate mail and I'm sure some men do too, especially the trannies.

I get called a tranny/ accused of being a man all the time on my cam, and not just by those juvenille enough to think I will get pissed off and show my pussy to prove myself.

Many people feel threatened by the feet and many more do not see any form of sexiness or intrigue in them. BUT what lots of people fail to understand when they come across the feet is that they have the freedom to just go away. Those that stay to hate and take the time to try and put me down instead of just going elsewhere to get their jollies off actually befuddle me a bit at times. They also make good fodder for the footshow before they reach my iggy bin.

Still the question begs asking: why?

Other questions I have pondered:

Ever notice in the chat rooms there are standard members who all the girls love and gold members that have probably been iggyed by everyone who knows how to use their iggy button?
I am not knocking paying for membership at all, and I understand the benefits for ya'll who do do it, but some of these guys seem to have actually thought that paying for a membership would take away their social-leper status and/or that any woman on this site should then act like said paying-member's personal prostitute.
SOO strange...
So who is the freak?
GOD I LOVE thinking about this stuff and I have seen their are lots of others who came here to bone and ended up playing armchair philosopy. Isn't it cool?

GangBangCple 67M/56F

5/2/2006 1:07 am

Many right wing christian groups taget "Adult" sites, and spew their Un-christian hate on anyone who does not conform to their "norm".

Ignore , block , move on .
have a nice day

rm_Psychism 32M

5/3/2006 3:59 am

shylena modern americans dislike atheists a great deal Jefferson and Franklins plans did not go quite how they had them laid out once they died... no one wants to hear anything outside of their views so why would they give a chance for a rebuttal?

unchristian hate? biblegod and the biblical prophets support the murder and of men, women, children, and animals as well as mass genocide and persecution listening to the biblical prophets and those who follow them about how to live life is like asking the moshuh nanren for parenting advice

anyone who would like to dispute the bibles support of these things is welcome to read the bible or ask me for direct in context quotes from the bible I can supply hundreds for those of you who have actually read and follow the books your religions are based on you're quite disturbed

MoonRise9 59M

5/3/2006 5:38 am

In case you don't look back at your old comments, Lena,
If you like feet, get yourself over to Want_a_bite's blog. She's All feet, all the time, doing all kinds of things, pretty much. You can copy and paste her pictures wherever you like.

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