The joys of radiation  

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6/14/2006 12:41 am

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The joys of radiation

I know I have been saying that cancer is the best thing ever to happen to me and I stil stand by that....BUT it does suck sometimes.

If you're not up to date it was my whole left boob that went.

I have been in radiation since May 2nd and since then have not been allowed to shower!

No water is allowed on my entire left side above the belly button, not a single drop.

Can I say "Oh the joys?" Lemme get a Hell-yeah!

Yes puppies a lovely summer is upon us and I haven't showered in six weeks....Let's meet, shall we?

So yeah, radiation is known to burn your skin..something like a sunburn they said and in extreme cases worse.

Guess who is extreme?
My neck is burned to charcoal seriously!
The skin comes off revealing a bloody pussy red and white yucky painfulness that makes turning my head from side to side painful.

My chest wall isn't so bad, it's burned black but not peeling or flaking, just bruised and swollen so I almost feel like I got my boob back cuz it's so big and sensitive. All the skin on my chest is dry and scaly and very very very very I just can't say how much like an elephant's skin. Except I imagine that elephants have thick skin, this stuff is painful to the touch. Waah waaah waah.

Enter heatwave. Ok now how about some sweat rolling into that skinless-do-not-get-wet area?
That tickles! NOT!

Yes I finished radiation on Saturday. I was relieved.
But the Dr. said should wait at least a week until I even think about showering quickly in lukewarm water as a test, and that it coldbe up t 3 weeks before I a normal again.
Great. I start work in 3 weeks.
Just fucking great.

So me?

I am just sitting here completely disgusted with the smell of my pits and I can't do a damn thing about it.

Oh and I'm considering writing a song something to the effect of "I wanted to let you fuck me in the ass but you fucked my brain instead" any good thoughts as to things I might mention in it?
Please no exact verses, but any kind of fodder for a trashy song a la Moldy Peaches meets John Prine.. please feel free to tell any stories that might help me write such a ditty.

the feet.

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