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Wow. Thanx for all the viewings, and the great feedback. To be honest I am suprised anyone is interested in what goes on in my brain lol.

Ok...this is a bit of a rose that turns into a dragon that turns into a rose lol...

I was pretty shy and introverted growing up. I had a hard time talking to the other kids in school and only had 1 or 2 friends all through my childhood. My great love at that time was books--I was a total bookworm, reading constantly on the bus, during lunch, and walking the 1 1/2 mile back from the busstop to home.
I guess I was one of the class nerds, although I didnt get bullied too much. My typical defense against bullies was to either agree with them ("Hey, geek, are you chicken"? Reply-" Yup."---lol)
Or I was pretty fast on my feet...I could run circles around all the bullies, taunting them until they gave up.
Anyways, I didnt mind not having any friends...Kinda prided myself on being a hermit.
That worked great until I was about 17 in my senior year...All of a sudden I realized that I didnt have any friends and school was almost out. Its great being a loner, until you start feeling lonely lol.
Even worse, I had no social skills because I had my nose buried in books all my childhood...So I didnt even know how to talk to people and make friends.
My first big social event was senior cut day...I was probably the only kid to actually ask permission from his parents to go lol. It was a weekend at Lake Engelbright, which is a cool boat-access only lake near here. Somehow I finagled a ride out to the beach from some other guys and suprised the hell out of the senior class when I showed up lol. That night I suprised them even more by having a beer at the campfire--my first real beer, which promptly got me drunk lol. They are still talking about me and that night to this day lol.
The other big event was senior prom...I was a romantic even at that time, and I had to go...problem was I didn't know any girls.
I picked another girl in my honors English class...Christy...she was as shy as I was, always sat in the back and didnt talk to anyone either...I sensed a kindred spirit.
One day I walked into class, walked up to Christy, got down on one knee, offered her a rose, and asked her to the prom....poor girl lol
Since the whole class was watching dumbstruck, she didnt have much choice but to say yes.
That was probably one of the most awkward prom dates in history, especially since we were both to shy to talk, neither one of us could dance, we shared a limo with a very..uh..."affectionate"..other couple...gods, how we both survived I will never know.
I still have my boutinier (sp?) in a souvienier wine glass from that night...sigh.

More about my romantic misadventures later...if you guys are interested lol.

shyknight2005 43M
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8/6/2005 5:35 pm

Yeah, boys dont scare me so much's the GIRLS who freak me out lol

Fox4aKnight1 44F

8/11/2005 1:45 am

SK..............can understand the bookworm thing .........was there most of my life too. as a mater of fact still there lol.

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9/19/2005 3:29 pm

I'm catching up on all these olds posts... lol. lame, huh?

i was, and still am, a bookworm. and introverted. you know that i did go to the prom though. originally, my best friend and i were going to go together, 2 girls since neither of us had a date. but at the last minute, her mom said no... she didn't want her daughter going to the prom alone without a date, she thought it would be too traumatic. so i decided i wouldn't go either... but MY mom said no. she would not let me skip out on my prom, because she missed hers, and regretted it ever since (she went to other ppl's proms, but had dropped out before she got hte chance at hers). So.... she called up one of my cousins (step cousin) that lived nearby and was a couple years older than me. between her, and both his parents, they convinced him to go. the prom wasn't the issue: the tux was. he had sworn to never be caught dead in a tux again... and then he was waylaid. It was a great night, despite i went with my cousin. Everybody was surprised to see me.. fancy dress, makeup, hair done up fancy... it was great

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