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Memories are warm sunshine
...when the day is cold and cloudy outside
Memories are a refreshing cool breeze
...on hot sunny day
Memories are a wet drink
...when your throat is dry and parched
Memories are fighting back tears
...when you hear a touching song
...because the song reminds you of her
Memories are a great friend
...when you are feeling somber and blue
Memories are a bright light
...when all seems dark around you
Memories are a reminder
...of the wonderful spirits within the
...special people walking this earth

Memories of funny moments
Memories of awkward moments
Memories of deeply moving and touching moments
Memories of a deep and intense love bond
Memories of her unique laugh
Memories of her sparkly beautiful eyes
Memories of when I was there for her shoulder for her to lean on
Memories of when she was there for me
...her shoulder to lay my head on
...sincerely...thank you
Memories of when I disappointed her
...I'm sorry
Memories of when I changed her dreary day
...into a bright one
Memories of our first meeting
Memories of the first time we held hands
Memories of the first time I held her
...and didnt want to ever let go
Memories of caressing her face
Memories of the first smooch kiss
Memories of the way she smelled
Memories of her soft skin

Though I miss special people
Who I've shared timeless moments with
I will always have
And I will always
The memories of time with them
Thank you for sharing YOU with me

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