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6/2/2006 2:44 pm

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Random thoughts through the night

Hmmm, the odd thing about the people who view my profile, is that the majority of people, that is to say ladies, are simply to far away, mostly american. Which is a pity because all of them are really lovely and i would love to get to know them...but, and here is the problem, i just can't get back into online relationships, whether it is just friends or as playmates. I have tried, but it just ins't right for me anymore, yes in the past it has been fun, but there is something lacking in online relationship.

No, now i find that what i need, what my soul yeans for is real friends, people that i can got to dinner with, walk along the beach with, go to a show with, or simply spend time together with. With not liking men very much, this means builing relationships with women, which can present difficulties. Thats not to say i not looking for sex, i am, it's just that it's not the priority, nor am i looking to settle down with anybody...not unless the right person comes along, and as i won't know who that will be until she comes along, and assuming that she feels the same way about me, i cannot say when. So in the mean time, i feel that i should make the effort and meat people, that is to say ladies.

Part of the problem, is that i am pretty open minded, so people seem to be able to define what they are looking for in very narrow terms, but this dosen't work for me.

Its like asking me what turns me...the problem is that it all depends on my mood, and really so many things flick my switch that i could type all night, and love hearing about new things.

One thing i have come to realise that is quite interesting, is that watching a lady or even a couple on webcam, is so much more sexy that any porn movie. It is hard to pin it down, but it must be knowing that what you see, is geniue, she is a real person, as oppose to someboy acting, and usually acting quite badly...LOL Don't those guys who seem to think that porn movies are real make you laugh...or is it cry i am not to sure.

I do apoligise if this seam to be rambling on a bit, i not really talking about anything, just emptying out the old head before settle down for the evening/night.

My underlying need, in being here,is that i am lonely, i live in a town where i don't know abody, i work alone at home, and this the real issue, i don;t conform to the norms of society, that is to say, like football, talk about the size of a ladies boobs and what i would do etc...with other lads, i don't drink, watch any of the soaps, in fact i find tv so increably dull that i don't bother with, i spend a great deal of time in academic study...and there more. What i saying is that i am not Joe average. You may say so what...well you be surprised how many people do have a problem excepting me for the way i am, and i far to old to start pretending be something that i am not.

Thats it for now, sweet dreams to anybody who made this far down, leave a comment and say hi if you have managed to get here without falling to sleep LOL.

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