Naughty girls and very very bad ladies....  

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4/22/2006 11:01 am

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Naughty girls and very very bad ladies....

Hmmmm just seeing if the racey title catches more attention...nar only joking LOL. This is about naughty girls and very very bad ladies, and the fact i would realy like to get to know some locally.

When i say locally i mean within 1 to 2 hours travel away. One of the great advantages of where i live, Chatham, is that its only an Hour into Victoria Station Central London, or for bit longer, gets me to Waterloo East. What this means is that i can get to most plases in the south east pretty quickly.

Anyway i digress from my main subject, which is meeting naughty girls (18-30) and bad bad ladies (30+). The problem that i face is two fold, firstly my shyness, and the fact that when meeting an attractive lady of any age my brain slips into neutral. Which is ok, if she knows what she wants and likes shy guys, but these ladies are few and far between. In fact most end up assuming that i am in fact gay.

The second issue, is that i very much enjoy the company of woman as friends, the only close male firend i have is the husband of my best mate, Jonanne who I met at univerity. All my friends are female. Which presents issues of jealouly, it would be the first time i drop somebody becasue they started getting funny about Jo.

Now this presents a number difficulties, not least because it is surprising difficult for guys to accept this. Blokes do bloke things and tell each what girls really want etc. etc. Of course if they actually bothered to talk about sex in a mature and honest way, instead of like school boys in a play ground, they would find out that in reality that they have missed the point. I have lost count of the number of woman i have know that have told me how disappointed or how unplesnat early sexual experiences were. In the main, this becasue most guys think they all they have to do is poke it in and thats it, great sex...

Anyway i think i am getting away from the original subject which is that i have conflicting needs, on the one hand i am looking for sexual advanture and fun games with similiar (intellingent and inderpendtly minded) females, possibley bi and gay males too, without too many complications (not becasue i don't want to get into complicated relationship, I just can't imagine any one wanting to, and if and when i meet somebody mad enough too, i'd like to be certain that she the one) although friendship is very important even with sexual partners. That leads me to the second is issue witch is that i have a great deal of respect for women, and see them as a person, and not simply an object for sexual gratification, and i enjoy them as friends. It finding a balance between these conflicting yet complimentary needs.

Of course getting over my initial shyness is always the frist problem. One of the funnist things about my shyess, is how many people assume that shyness is the same as innocence and lack of's amusing becasue people are quite shocked when they finally (if) they find the real me under my shy exterior.

You may ask why am i writing about this, well, why not? Consider most of the junk that gets put in other blogs. Besides I might be lucky and it will be read by somebody for whom it strikes a cord, even another guy, and they might think hey here is somebody who sounds like a great guy, worth knowing as a friends, and god, i really want to sit on his face....(thats girls not blokes LO.

Of course, it also helps to work through things simply by writing about them, and its also good practive as i do have hope of becoming a writer of sorts.

I think thats enough, i shall write some more, assuming there is anybody still reading this...LOL

By the way anybody who want to chat to me can get me through Yahoo, using the same handle/nickname as my AdultFriendFinder name, this also applies to MSN & Paltalk too.

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