Is there anything worse than..........  

shyblueeyes1968 49M
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7/1/2006 2:32 pm
Is there anything worse than..........

Is there anything worse than having a cold in summer, at least i think its a cold, stuffy, sore throat, and my muscles feel like Miss Whiplash has been working on me with a rubber trounchen...that is to say i am arching all over. It bad enough when it winter, you expect it then, but in the middle of summer?????

Hmmmmmm, yes there is one thing that is worse than a cold in summer....

"what's that" you ask?

English football fans just after England are knocked out (as usual) of the world cup. Its sad, more so becasue it's a proven fact the domestic volience gose up as result, becasue these so called men have to take it out on there wives, girlfriends. Overall its just sad, just accept it, look forward to the next world cup, so wot we lost this time, its just a game.

Hey i have a solution, instead of getting a sad old swede who can't keep his fingers to himself, why not employ a group of Femdom Mistresess to whip the team into shape...I am sure old Spen most have the right connections.

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