Getting creative with a banana  

shyblueeyes1968 49M
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4/27/2006 2:55 pm
Getting creative with a banana

Banana's have to be one of the most erotic fruit, mind this might be because everytime i eat one it brings back memories from sordid past.

Anyway, the simple act of watching a girl eat a banana is exciting, espiecally if she is making look i really need to draw a picture for you.

Moving on, unpeeled an banana makes a great sex toy, its very organitc, and is very enviromentally friendly. Added to that watch a girl sliding one into her self is great. Of course it get better if she inserts half of it, then peels it back and invites you to have a bite. Then there is peeling the banana back and rubing it over her lips, and don't mean her mouth either, and it covered in her juices, and then inviting you too have a bite.

The ulimate though has some degree of risk, eating a peeled banana straing of a women is very kinky and great turn on. However caution should be exercised in doing this, alwasy make sure it is a very firm banana, and really ensure that she is well lubercated, it taste yummy, but more importantly lessens the risk of the banana breaking up. This is important, because you must ensure that you get all of it out, because of the possible risk of infection from rotting matter. Afterall you really don't want to have to explain to the ER staff how i came to be there.

LOL, drop me a line if you would to chat about this and perhaps try. My profile i open to standard members and is not limited.

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